Wind Attunement - Zen Rider

By Uncle Wolf (


Here's one for you, originally was going to call it "Easy Rider", but then I thought up the perfect saying for it, so instead, you get:

Zen Rider, a Servitor Attunement for Janus

"Become one with the machine..."

This attunement allows a Windie to stick to a moving vehicle without being thrown. It can NOT be used while working the edge to regain Essence -- you got to just tough it out then. But when you are on assignment, and you absolutely _not_ let this vehicle get away, this is *the* one you want to have on tap. On a roll against Strength+Corp. Forces, you can stick to the vehicle for [CD] minutes. Then you must make another roll. You can stay with a vehicle for as long as you can keep making the rolls. This attunement can not be activated while the vehicle is moving slower than a non-Ofanim, sprinting [about 10-15 mph]. It also becomes inactive if the vehicle remains stopped for longer than 2 minutes, even if the motor is still running. How a Windie stays stuck to the vehicle until it gets up to speed is up to the Windie. This attunement does have an Essence cost of 1, but [typical of Janus], things get a bit weird at this point. [Janus gotta go and change things, don't you know] For purposes of Essence costs & disturbance, ONLY, this attunement can be sotto voced, and should be treated as if it were a Celestial Song at level of Celestial Forces. In all other ways, it is treated as, and considered to be, a Servitor Attunement.

GMs are encouraged to get gross and disgusting with the results of getting thrown from a high-speed moving vehicle, especially if the "stickiness" roll comes up Lucy. *g* When you stand in the path of the wind, you sometimes get flattened by tornadoes.

Valefor does not have this attunement, but he does have "Superfly", a _similar_ attunement that only works on stationary objects, like buildings. Does wonders for his Servitor's second-story work. See above about failing a "stickiness" roll, especially on a Divine Intervention.

take care, tom timberlake, Cadre Cherub of Heaven.

-- "it's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milkbone underwear" Cheers


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