The 144,000

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Okay, then I'll speculate. First, I'll note that high-powered Saints is PERFECTLY compatible with the attitude toward saints taken in all religions that use sainthood. Don't like any of the Archangels for a boss? Thumb through the Calendar of Saints and go shopping, as long as your GM is willing to do the background work. Saints come in a HUGE variety.

A favorite would probably by St. Jude, patron of lost causes...

On a more seasonal note, how about St. Nicholas? A perfectly real saint, who just happens to have been swept up in the folklore and hype around Christmas. Those aren't elves at the North Pole; they're relievers.

Second, this is a good opportunity to bring up an idea I played with over the holiday weekend. The book of Revelation mentions a special cadre of saints, notable for being the celestial cavalry that rides down out of the clouds with Christ at the Second Coming. They are known by their number which is 144,000.

Now, short of Armageddon, a GM might add interest or color to a game involving Saints by distinguishing certain saints as members of the 144K. These might be particularly heavy-duty, NPC saints. James Bond saints, Green Beret saints, whathave you. Perhaps the government of Heaven is bicameral and the 144,000 form a "House of Commons" or "House of Representatives" to the Seraphim Council's "Senate" or "House of Lords."

High-powered saints give a whole alternate hierarchy to Heaven for the GM who likes to roll their own.



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