Aliens and Predators and Celestials, Oh my.

By Nana Yaw Ofori (


Dorothy Bixler <> wrote:

VAPULA - Species. (Hmmm, that looks familiar.... must check my notes and see if someone's been smuggling copies to Burbank....)

Are Donald and I the only ones who's given Vap the vessel Queen Alien/6?

Mmm...Probably. \|=)

From what I've seen, the Aliens don't strike me as a technological species at all. I haven't read most of the books, but I've only seen two cases where Aliens used any kind of tech at all, and one case had the alien in question being a robot, and the other was a particularly disastrous failure of a taming program. Every indication I'd recieved from the Dark Horse stuff made me believe they were a perfectly natural species, though one with a pretty good number of uses, and several really big drawbacks to people trying to use them. If there's any Celestial Superior I'd give a Queen Alien vessel, it would be Jordi. They're certainly wild enough for him, and one of the few large species who can hold their own against the advance of Mankind, consistently. Plus they have that hive mind thing going. Sure, they have this habit of reaving the ecosystems of whatever planet they're taken to, but that's not their fault, they apparently don't spacefare on their own.

They've got an incredibly high birth rate, and a number of reasonably powerful defenses, which makes me think they're pretty low on the Food Chain in wherever they're from originally.

If they are designed, i can see them as Vessels for the relatively nonexistant Calabim of Technology, though that's pretty iffy. In the Aliens universe, Vapula fits the side of the Company much better than the Aliens.

As for the Predators, Baal or Mikey, not Vap. Sure they've got some neat toys, but these toys haven't changed much in the couple hundred years since the movies took place, as far as I can tell. And there's that honor thing of theirs. All in all, though, they strike me as a species in decline, abandoning everything for the thrill of the hunt Granted, I've read even less of the Predator stuff than the Alien stuff.

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