Australia: Pointing the bone of contention

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On the subject of Tethers and the real world places they attach, here are some suggestions for Aussieland.

Land of the Dreamtime

Australia has been the primary real world battleground between Beleth and Blandine for 20,000 years. Now, with the arrival of the white man in the oh so recent past, Beleth is begining to gain an upper hand, at least away from the pockets of civilization that gather arround the edges of the continent.

David has several strong points here abouts, and always has, as do Jordi and Novalis, but the last two are begining to slowly loose ground as time continues and Blandine's holdings slip more and more towards her opposition. In the cities, and in numerous places of the country side, Vapula's creations run rife, with the occasional assistance of Haagenti (rape and pilliage that land, leave nothing behind... devour it!) and Belial (and under him the arch-feind of Bushfires).

Jean has been asked to take the cities under his very busy wing, but he simply does not have the time for it as much as he would like. Nevertheless, there have been a few moments of triumph...

There are many places where one can slip into Dreams even still, if one has the eyes to look. The odd water hole here... rock outcropping there... Suburbia in the outer reaches of the cities... but now there are many more tethers to the side of nightmares. Abandoned open cut mines. Violated rainforests. Blasted deserts. Salt lakes, reminiscent of the land onto which Lucifer fell. Old abandoned factories and steel works. Uranium mines. Carefully placed hyroelectric dams...

Sydney All Archs have their own little locations. Laurence tried to gain a safe foothold here in the 1800s, and more than enough churches are scattered about. Halfway through this century, the greatest triumph of Jean and Eli's, the Opera House, was built. And even to this day, it remains a powerful source of inspiration and shows remarkable steps in the science of architecture. The remarkable acoustics have been said to enhance the power of Songs sung within the Halls. The external design of the building has become a positive influence and inspiration on all in the CBD.

Nearby, the Royal Botanical Gardens, is one of the remaining sanctuaries for Novalis in the Sydney area.

Jordi's main tether in the region, Taronga Zoo, is still being maintained at its former power, but most of that beings attentions have been removed from the city confines and distributed out to the Dubbo Zoo, which is one of the major areas attempting revitalization of endangered species in the state of New South Wales.

Janus holds sacred the Gap, and North and South heads of the Harbour. The winds play with joy in the opening into the magnificent harbour.

David has his Sydney tether at the closed Brickworks in Newtown Park, which has now been made a Heritage area, and is the site of many festivals and much kite flying.

The other major tether in the city is Rookwood Cemetary, A necropolis so large that it has its own zip code. The remarkable Arch of this area is Blandine, whose influence can be felt in the twilight hours strongest, and seen upon the surreal sculptures and headstones, as well as he ornately kept feilds of green and stone, mingling in harmony. While a place of loss, the cemetary is also a place of reminding of what was good, and of hope for continuance byond life. It also has one of the most remarkable spreads of denominations and religions, closely mingled into one humanity.

On the other side...

Through the influence of Kobal, the Olympic site was chosen. Not only did this 'reclaim an area of Sydney that had lain fallow for many years' but it 'removed a blemish upon the eye from the beautiful city'. Essentially, the site was a massive slaughterhouse and garbage dump that had finally come to rest, and had become home to an endagered species or two since it fell into disuse. The opportunity for Jordi to reclaim the land was near, until Kobal took steps. The ironies implicit in the 'relocation' of the tiny frogs and their habitat, not to mention the fact that the entire world would be watching athletes perform on landfill with some of the most toxic chemical wastes buried away from the eyes of humanity pleased him greatly. He is still hoping to organize a leak or two in time for the opening ceremonies...

Asmodius took steps to try to obscure the influence of the Opera house by organizing a rezonement of the land near it, turning it residential, and then pushing through development of high rise appartments to dampen its view and grip upon the forshores. The move has almost worked, but has not as yet built a tether...

Beleth has in her grasp a few small islands, one in Botany Bay, another is Fort Denison, in the centre of the harbour. Once prisons or insane assylums, there is hollow rememberance of atrocities commited against all kinds of people in the echoing buildings upon them.

Vapula delights in La peruse and the oil refineries and shipping port. An area of delicious technology and inhumanity, the sterilized lighting illuminates the night, showing the vile gasses and pollution being churned into the air.

Haagenti has sway over the sewage plant and outfalls... what could be more gluttenous than pointless waste being churned out (occasionally raw) to ruin the magnificent foreshores of the city... The conflicts between Haagenti's councils and the activists of Jordi and Novalis are nearly legendary... in political circles.

Belial has many small tethers... in national parks, in back yards, where ever there is a barbeque or incinerator, there is a chance that Belial has put his servitors in place. No major tethers are needed... but there is an area of the blue mountains so badly blackened and burned from the fires at the turn of the century that nothing ever grows there... And it is watched by one group of Fire fighters that always seem to get to bushfires in the National forest first... just before they flame up out of control.

:) Evan Hoping other Aussies got contributions for their area...

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