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Sunday, we of Chez Ennui ("Good Food! Mediocre Content!") finished out our third In Nomine adventure. Thursday, I finally got around to updating that page of the campaign history. And this afternoon, I receive this in the mailbox from one of the players, followed by a request from *another* one of the players to post this somewhere.

I won't mention names, but he plays Gwydionrodh, the Seraph of Yves, in my campaign. Look him up.

---------------- Begin Forwarded Message ----------------

.....I just visited Dave's upgraded Chez-site, and reality slipped for a moment or two into In Nomine, and previous conversations. It really DOES seem like, if In Nomine were applied to other genres, ObiWan Kenobi IS the ULTIMATE bal-seraph. He believes his own lies, and convinces others of them. Such as:

* "You must learn the ways of the force." (Note here the sinister lighting on old Alec's eyes...)

* "Your father was betrayed and murdered....."

* "If you strike me down now, I shall become more *powerful* than you can possibly imagine." (Read: more DEAD, or more BLUE, but he never became powerful. Also, I would bet Vader could imagine something VERY powerful.

* "You were our last hope." A LIE. The next line from Luke, who made his resonance check, was "Yoda spoke of another.."

* "Ah, that would be your twin sister... blah blah blah,.... "that's why your sister remained safely anonymous", followed by Luke (rolling really well at this point) saying "Leia". "Your feelings do you justice...... '' Well, so much for safe anonymity.

* And the classic "icing on the cake:" "Ben, why did you lie to me?"

* ObiWan squirms on the fallen log, looks sheepish, digs himself out of the hole by equating Anakin's unfortunate succumbing to the Dark Side to being murdered, and sums up with "So, what I told you WAS true.....from a certain point of view" (correct... A Bal-Seraph's insidious!!)

* Vader was the ONLY character to NOT lie. "I am your father." - direct, true, tactless!!!! "You aren't on any mercy mission.....If this is a consulate ship, where is the ambassador (as he chokes the poor guy to death)" - again, true, direct, accentuates his poor relationship with mortals, and is evidence of a strong vessel. (Is Vader, therefore, a Seraph????)

* Was Han Solo an Ofanite (being obsessed with speed, the Millenium Falcon making the Kessel Run, etc...)

* Chewbacca was a Cherub, attuned to Han Solo..)

* What kind of an echo did Alderaan cause? Figures Kenobi felt it.... Was he LYING about the "negative" feeling he received?" *

Just thoughts.....

----------------- End Forwarded Message -----------------


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