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They, officially, don't get any. Beth has her own ideas on this and they are pretty amusing. A 'choir of Lilim' wasn't planned for when making the Symphony. Other, newer, bands of demons will probably have the same problem if any members go bright.

I'll stop my editting of documents for a moment to make a comment.

Lilim were not created with the Symphony. They weren't even created with Man. Lilim are a byproduct of a failed portion of the Eden Experiment. Had Lilith done what she was supposed to, then Lilim would never have existed. They are the unFallen, never cast out of the Garden of Eden, because they never had the chance to be expulsed.

What the Lilim actually are is open to debate. If you believe that Adam Kadman and Lilith were created as Golem from the dust of the ground, and infused with the spirit of God, then it is possible that what a Lilim _is_, is a different variation on the Golem, as Lilith reproduces them in her own image from Forces instead of the dust of the ground. Another version is that they are pure humans, the divine version of mankind infused with the blood brought to life by God and never subject to the pains of Original Sin.

Either way, they are cast out of the Symphony as a whole, and they get to look in, wondering what it would have been like if their Mother had put her pride aside. (My Lilim, Daimon, is firmly convinced that Lilim are created purely to suffer for Lilith's sins. He rationalizes this in new and interesting ways that make less and less sense.)

Odd things points about Lilim are their lack of divine choir, and that their resonance is Perception based. It's hard to say if they are purely demons but... and I ask this question... if the resonance to bind with geasa is necessarily suppressed (I've seen this in some suggestions) by Archangels upon going 'Bright', is it possible that they don't belong in Heaven either?

My theory is that the ultimate point of Freedom for Lilim is to be free of Hell entirely, geas-wise, go to Earth, and disappear forever into the sea of humanity so they can also be truly Human - but before Flood human. Living enormous spans of time, like Cain and Abel.


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