Lilim: A Response

By Walter Milliken (milliken@BBN.COM)


[Em:] Lilim were not created with the Symphony. They weren't even created with Man. Lilim are a byproduct of a failed portion of the Eden Experiment.

This isn't clear -- my own understanding is that *everything* is part of the Symphony, though it may be bucking the whole, and hearing only its own part (i.e., demons).

There's also the question of what Eden was for, in IN canon. The given explanation makes little sense as a scientific experiment. ("Bad scientific method, no toroid.") And the whole mess, like the Fall, begs the question of God's possible foreknowlege.

What the Lilim actually are is open to debate. If you believe that Adam Kadman and Lilith were created as Golem from the dust of the ground, and infused with the spirit of God, then it is possible that what a Lilim _is_, is a different variation on the Golem, as Lilith reproduces them in her own image from Forces instead of the dust of the ground. Another version is that they are pure humans, the divine version of mankind infused with the blood brought to life by God and never subject to the pains of Original Sin.

In canon, Lilim are definitely *not* humans -- celestials and humans are quite distinct, and they're specifically described as celestials. My own take on it is that they're akin to the Children of the Grigori. Just as Lilith was a type of human most akin to the celestial, the Grigori are the Choir of angel most akin to the human, to the point where they could interbreed, creating (at least some of the time) celestials as a result (the Children of the Grigori).

Lilith is ultimately a human (presumably a rather changed one, being a Demon Princess in name and power, if not fact), who can reproduce in the celestial manner -- the flip side of the Grigori, who are angels who could reproduce in the human manner. So the notion that strikes my fancy is that Lilim are really very like the Children of the Grigori, but from the other side (*not* the Fallen version -- that's the Nephallim). This makes them near-human celestials, but not true humans.

In my own game, I'm thinking giving them certain attributes that are otherwise only available to humans. In particular, they may not actually need to be Redeemed to enter Heaven, though since there have only been a few dozen Bright Lilim in history, no one may actually know this -- they are normally sent through the redemption process like "other demons." Like "normal" humans, whether they're part of Heaven or Hell is more of a choice than their nature (though their apparent nature *does* change for Brights). However, their celestial nature makes this choice more difficult for Lilim than for humans -- they are somewhat more nature-constrained than humans, and changing their nature is hard.

None of this is canon, BTW, except the human/celestial distinction, and it probably won't ever become canon.

My theory is that the ultimate point of Freedom for Lilim is to be free of Hell entirely, geas-wise, go to Earth, and disappear forever into the sea of humanity so they can also be truly Human - but before Flood human.

Interesting notion. I've been running on a slightly divergent track -- I see their goal (and Lilith's) being to simply stay apart from both sides, but not necessarily become human. If there were a neutral celestial realm, that's where they'd head by preference. Or live among humans, for whom they have a great affinity. This would put them in as partial kin to the Grigori again, since that's what they did (or are doing...?).


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