Iron Rev 8: An Unpleasant Cure

By Daniel Childers

Final rating: 2.33


There are three new trends in Shali-Mar.

1) The new fad in shop security is guard dogs. Though they say all dogs go to Heaven, somebody seems to have found a supply of them. They are very expensive, of course. Even the most prestigious shops can only afford one.

2) There are rumors going around of an escape route from Hell. It is certainly verifiable that a few extremely wealthy Damned Souls have not been seen around lately.

3) The price of Ethereal Forces has dropped a bit. They're still very expensive, but there seems to be a fresh supply.

The connection? The Bang Bang All Same Hardware Store in Shali-Mar. A high-ranking Death demon who was unusually desperate for power tools is running a scam involving stripping Forces from Damned Souls and reshaping them into animals. Shaashgaz has a couple of relatively trustworthy (and extremely Geased) Lilim getting the raw material--the Lilim are careful only to promise a "cure" for the more unpleasant parts of Hell, not an escape; and the dogs are probably less unhappy than most Damned Souls. (They don't know any better--they're just dogs). The stripped-off Ethereal Forces go on the black market.

The Bang Bang All Same Hardware Store has two guard dogs, though Shaashgaz is keeping this quiet. He's in over his head and knows it--the racket is lucrative, but there's going to be real trouble when it gets exposed.

The PCs are demons, either investigating for their Prince, or freelancers trying to get a piece of the action.

<The Bang Bang All Same Hardware Store and Shaashgaz are from "You Are Here", by Genevieve Cogman>

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