Iron Rev 8: Just Add A Little Radiation

By Mervi Hamalainen

Final rating: 2.36
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Dereutus is a Habbalite of Vapula who has researched radiation for decades and has earned a Distinction from her hard work. Lately, she has become convinced that radiation can improve the human genome. Of course it will kill off the weak but that's a bonus, really. Unfortunately, the Genius Archangel hasn't permitted large-scale experiments, but surely that's only because of lack of resources. So Dereutus decided to conduct her own experiments.

Enter Ixdur, Balseraph of the War, former Captain, who has recently fallen out of favor with his Prince. Ixdur is almost desperate to find a way to better his lot.

They were drinking in Shal-Mari one day and noticed that they could help each other. Ixdur promised to find a place for Dereutus' experiments if he could use them any way he wanted to. The Habbalite agreed.

The best that the balseraph could do was a hardware store in Tampere, Finland. Sure, it's out of the way but all the better for the delicate experiments (the balseraph said). Ixdur (and his unhappy and maltreated underlings impudite Madheasta and djinn Zurra) rented the basement and they started the project. As a side benefit, Ixdur managed to corrupt the couple that owns the store and they are now Hellsworn. They are also almost 60 years old and want to get some guarantees about their afterlife.

Within a few weeks Dereutus was ready to start the human experiments. Ixdur decided that the best way to get the small uranium devices among the humans was to put them into the newest craze: cell phones. At first the demons just repaired damaged phones in the lab and put the uranium into these phones. However, it soon became clear that this was not the best plan. Ixdur was more ambitious and Dereutus wanted more test subjects.

So, Ixdur decided to contaminate the phones of the local Soldiers of Heaven and especially their families. This would take up more of Heaven's resources than merely killing them, tie up the Soldiers and possible cause the monkeys some pain.

The plan was put to action. Ixdur hired some Theft demons to steal the phones, put in the uranium and return them before anyone notices. It worked quite well and people became ill.

At this point the impudite Madheasta decided that he wanted to get rid of his obviously insane boss and that he needed to protect the Essence sacks. He wants to tell the local angels (or whom ever will put stop to this) what is going on. Unfortunately, this is somewhat difficult. Madheasta has also been in disfavor for quite some time and his only vessel currently is a cocker spaniel. As punishment the vessel needs to eat, drink and rest and cannot speak in human tongues any more than an ordinary dog could. Also, the impudite speaks only Chinese and a small amount of French. The local languages are Finnish and Swedish. However, he hates his current boss and does almost anything he can to get Ixdur killed permanently. He is even willing to "tell" everything he knows and go back undercover. He doesn't want to get himself killed and will pose as a Free Lilim if needed.

Ixdur uses both of his underlings as spies so they have some free time to go around the town alone.

The demons use the hardware store as their base of operations. The store has done well and has even expanded somewhat recently. The basement is Dereutus' laboratory that is full of stuff that is poisonous and/or cause radiation. Cybernetics is the habbalite's hobby and she has several animals in the lab that carry cyberparts. Most of them are small, such as hedgehogs and mice, but she has her own guard dog. Dereutus is not stupid and doesn't trust the other demons (or anyone else, for that matter). Alexander the Great is gene engineered to be a Huge and Fierce Watch Dog that is Loyal to Only One Master. He has also laser-targeted weapons systems.

Dereutus lives in the basement and works feverously. The only times she is out of the lab are most of the nights, lately.

Oh, yes. Dereutus was still unhappy with the small number of subjects. She hired the Theft demons to break into all of the major cell phone stores in Tampere so that she could go and insert her devices into the phones. They have managed to contaminate the two largest stores so far without anyone noticing. Tonight they are going to hit the next store.

Ixdur lives nearby in a block of flats. He has a Role as a self-defense teacher in the local dojo which is a step up but not nearly enough. The djinn Zurra has a Role as his wife. The djinn is loyal to her (it's, really) superior unless a better opportunity beckons in the War's ranks.

The uranium device: Quite small and encased in a capsule. The capsule starts to disintegrate slowly after two weeks. It weakens enough that the radiation comes through and it starts to glow green light, naturally. Dereutus enhances and varies the effect with Vapulan Devices that produce other kinds of radiation. These devices are in her lab.

Jean's people can make a cure for the radiation illness. Of course it has to be ingested and it tastes horrible. It is best to give it to every human who has been in contact with the contaminated phones. Most of them have no symptoms yet and have no knowledge of the war. Eating the cure will make a human feel a slight burning in his or her stomach for a couple of days as the radiation is purged. The cure must not fall into human hands.

Of course, all of the contaminated phones must be collected from the people and destroyed.

**Flaming Feather**

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