Flying Righteous Lamb Kung-Fu

By Moe Lane


It's very simple. People who know Kung Fu are cool. Jesus Christ was cool. Therefore, Jesus Christ knew Kung Fu. See how that Seraph over there isn't wincing? That proves that I'm not lying. Well, he may be wincing a little, but that's not because I'm lying. It probably has to do with the bad logic, or maybe the cognitive dissonance, or even the names for the moves. Seraphim have no sense of humor about things, sometimes.

Look, do you want to learn the moves, or not?

Thought so.

Flying Righteous Lamb Kung Fu
Agility or Precision or Perception (Default: none)

This is the basic 'fighting' skill: the scare quotes are used because, frankly, it is actually impossible to directly do damage while using it. The practitioner is instead able to disable an opponent through a combination of pressure points, careful redirection of force and general niceness.

Flying Righteous Lamb Kung Fu can be used in all three planes; use the appropriate characteristic. Treat as a regular Fighting roll, except that all damage 'done' is strictly temporary (and does not cause pain, interestingly enough). When sufficient pseudo-Body, Mind or Soul Hits are inflicted to cause the equivalent of Trauma, unconsciousness and/or the loss of a Force, respectively, the target is instead knocked out for one hour. There are no further adverse consequences. The pseudo-damage done is completely separate from regular damage, does not 'stack' with regular damage and goes away after an hour.

There are no restrictions on who may learn the basic Flying Righteous Lamb Kung Fu skill, but it is dissonant for demons to actually use it. This is another one of those ineffable things, apparently. Also, use of FRLKF and the maneuvers below does not cost Essence or cause Disturbance: again, it's ineffable. Needless to say, Servitors of Flowers love this martial arts style, as using it is not normally dissonant for them. Servitors of the Sword and Judgement have their own inner reasons for walking along this path...

Other Skills

Acrobatics is often used in conjunction with Flying Righteous Lamb Kung Fu: a successful Acrobatics roll each turn will add 1 to the final CD of any 'attacks'. The primary weapons for this style are staff and whip: staves have a "Power" of +3, no Accuracy bonus and no range, while Whips follow the stats given in the Corporeal Players Guide, page 118. Anyone who knows this martial art may use these two weapons in a manner that does not cause damage: substitute Agility for Strength when determining Power and (for the whip) grappling attempts.

Advanced Techniques

As the student advances, certain abilities become available. They are taught as separate maneuvers; unless otherwise noted, they can never be learned at a level above the base skill. All rolls are at (Default Skill/level) + (Appropriate Characteristic) - (Default skill level) + (Maneuver skill level).

Spinning Lightning Halo Attack (FRLKF/1; defaults to FRLKF -4)

This is traditionally the first skill taught to the adept; those deemed worthy are given Haloes (effectively Relic/0s that can exist on all three planes. Many Haloes have extra enchantments) and taught their use. This maneuver allows the adept to use his FRLKF skill at range (up to 10 yards); substitute the SLHA target number for the regular roll. Also, multiple opponents can be targeted. Roll for each target, with a -2 for every target past the first. If all rolls are successful, the Halo will return to the user's hand.

Servitors of Stone are taught this maneuver: they may not use it to disable their opponents, but they have found that it is not dissonant for them to use their Haloes to - for example - hit the cutoff switch before the nuclear power plant melts down, or set off the motion sensors in the museum, or anything else where a bouncing circular plate could come in handy...

Ferocious Bleat of Triumph (FRLKF/2; defaults to FRLKF -4)

This is essentially a Kiai, or channeling of the martial artist's Chi into a mighty shout... well, bleat. It takes a round to prepare: a successful roll will reduce all opponents effective skill rolls by (CD/2) for that combat round.

Original Sin's Banishment (FRLKF/3; defaults to FRLKF -5)

This is not exactly a combat skill, per se: by meditating for one minute, the adept may achieve an inner speed that will triple the distance that she can run or jump. She may also walk on water at her regular move rate, provided of course that she does not stop.

Clever Cleansing Scourge (Small Weapon: Whip/3 and FRLKF/3; defaults to Whip -6)

An adept who learns this maneuver has amazing control over whips; he ignores armor and obstructions in attacks, can strike behind himself without penalty and has a plus to his Agility rolls equal to (CCS/2, rounded up) in all attempts to disarm or topple an opponent.

Golden Rule Staff Defense (Large Weapon: Staff/3 and FRLKF/3; defaults to Staff -6)

This represents advanced staff technique; a successful roll will add the CD to any Dodge roll (more accurately, a 'Dodge by Parrying' roll). Someone with GRSD/6 may bounce an attack back onto the attacker, causing the assailant to take pseudo-damage equal to the attack. As In Nomine is a cinematic game anyway, this skill should be useable in all sorts of situations, explicitly including gunfire...

Blood of the Lamb Rainbow Intercession (FRLKF/4; defaults to FRLKF -6)

An adept trained in this maneuver can (on a successful skill roll) volunteer to take the damage done to any other person within (maneuver/level) yards: this is accomplished, bluntly, by the adept running over to put himself in the path of the attack (while ignoring utterly any obstacles and/or restraints).

Logos Kiai (FRLKF/5 and FBT/5; defaults to FBT -8)

This is a much more powerful version of FBT. The adept has a fragment syllable of the original Word used to create the universe; any who hear it successfully uttered must roll versus Will -6 or fall unconscious for 1d6 hours. This includes the speaker, incidentally.

Miraculous Multiple Fists of Faith (FRLKF/6 and SLHA/6; defaults to FRLKF -12)

The adept must prepare for (total Forces) rounds; a successful skill roll will allow (total Forces) attacks against one or many opponents (each opponent must be within 10 yards of the adept). The adept must then immediately successfully roll against Will -6 or else fall unconscious for 1 hour. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this maneuver may not be increased by judicious use of Essence, Songs or the Ofanite Resonance.

Secret Transubstantiated Righteous Attack... OF DOOM!!!!! [sic. -Ed.] (Secret; All Maneuvers at level/6 and a legitimate vocation; defaults to FRLFK -12)

Well, it wouldn't be a proper martial art style if it didn't have a Legendary Death Attack, right?

The adept - heck, by now we're in master-level territory - has learned how to use the miracle of God's transubstantiation into corporeal form to properly chastise the wicked. Essentially, the attacker takes some communion wafers, turns them into the Body of Christ (Perception Roll -4) and then flings them like shuriken. If they strike a demon, the wafers do 4d6 pseudo-hits; humans will not be affected at all, unless they happen to be possessed by a demon. In that case, calculate the human's Body Hits as if it were not being possessed; if the damage done is enough to knock out the human, the demon is immediately cast out and will be stunned for 1d6 combat rounds.


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