Songs of Nurturing

By Moe Lane (


(Secret: Christopher, Novalis)

These Songs are useful enough, yes, but it takes a certain type of mindset to want to have access to them. Especially the Corporeal Song - and, as Novalis and Christopher won't give out the Ethereal or Celestial Songs of Nurturing unless the petitioner already has and has used the Corporeal version, well, they're probably going to stay 'Secret' for a while longer.


This Song allows an angel to produce milk from her body. This milk will feed one baby per day per Essence spent, and also cure any and all diseases the baby might have on the spot. Also, for the next day all attempts to harm, resonate or attack the baby will be at a minus equal to the Song's check digit. "Baby" is defined as "human child under the age of three" for the purposes of this discussion.

Note that an angel with a male vessel may indeed use this Song (and that any Servitors with female animal vessels may likewise use it to suckle young). After all, most human males have vestigial nipples...


This Song allows the angel to provide another with comforting and protection. The target receives a bonus to resist either the Balseraph or Habbalite resonance (chosen at time of performance) equal to the check digit of the Song. Duration is one hour for each Essence spent.


This Song is the prize for the War Faction: singers of it reduce drastically how long it takes for someone to come out of Trauma. Once performed, the target subtracts one half of the amount of Essence spent, rounded down, from his or her Corporeal Forces (to determine how often that they may roll) and adds the check digit of the Song to Will Rolls to snap out of Trauma. This bonus lasts until the target finally recovers. If the target's Corporeal Forces are lowered to 0 or below (for the purposes of recovery from Trauma only), then the target may roll every 6 hours to recover.

Bonus: Flowers, Children, Mercurians, Grigori
Available: Christopher, Novalis
Essence Cost: 2 Maximum Essence: 6
Degree of Disturbance: For the Corporeal Song, -2; the others, 1


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