The Song of Blots (Ethereal)

By Moe Lane (


This Song is only useable in the Marches (more specifically, dreamscapes). It's considered odd, even there.

Once sung, what looks to be a globule of black ink appears in front of the singer and follows him or her around. The 'ink' can be used by throwing it against the wall (a wall being defined, in a dreamscape, as anything that the singer decides is a wall). Effects are as follows:

For one extra Essence, the inkblot is a portable hole: the singer can reach in and pull out random dream-fragments (and we mean random). The utility of this feature is obscure.

Spending three Essence, however, is a better call. The Singer can climb into the hole: once inside, all attempts to detect the singer are at -5. The portable hole is usually ignored by searchers- lots of weird things in dreamscapes, and it looks too small to hide anyone.

The most interesting thing to do with one of these blots, though, is to spend 6 Essence, throw the blot against the wall, back up and run through. The Singer pops out into another dreamscape. Pursuers roll one die: on even numbers, they just slam into the wall. Cherubic and Djinn resonances are, incidentally, disrupted by the impact.

On odd numbers, a train, truck (or anything else that the GM has ever seen a Warner Brothers cartoon do in this sort of situation) comes out and does 1d6 Mind Hits to the pursuer from sheer cliched revulsion. Oddly enough, most players will violently dislike the idea of rolling dice when they don't like either outcome, so the GM should take pity on them and roll the die herself.

This Song was first found as part of a very odd ethereal artifact in the shape of a Viking hammer. Users had to swing the hammer to get the 'ink' to spurt out, but that was more than counterbalanced by the fact that the user didn't have to spend any Essence. The holders of that artifact took advantage of this mostly by running a lot.

Oh, yes, it took a _lot_ of time and dignity before Heaven was able to get the Thor-blotter properly studied...

Duration: "ink" sticks around until used.

Essence Cost: 1, plus above.

Degree of Disturbance: none


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