The Song of Twanging (Celestial)

By Moe Lane (


Stupid name, yes, but that's the younger generation for you. There's no respect for tradition anymore.

This is one of those Songs that _would_ have been restricted, if only someone had caught it in time. Alas, it proved popular enough that nobody could stamp on it hard enough. The occasional Superior still tries.

Essentially, the Song allows the user to do the celestial equivalent of grabbing a whole handful of the universe, pulling it back to the breaking point and then releasing it. The resulting cacophony is very loud and does very interesting things to reality. "Interesting" in a Chinese-curse sort of way, of course.

The most obvious effect is that, once the Song takes effect, _all_ resonances, Attunements, Distinctions, Songs and/or relics within the area of effect must make an immediate activation roll to continue working (the only exceptions being abilities or things that are 'always on'). This roll is at a penalty equal to that of the Song's check digit. Furthermore, any attempt to activate the above for the next ten minutes will have an equal penalty. This won't cause dissonance, but failure to maintain/activate a resonance will cost 1d6 Mind Hits.

Also, when reality gets snapped around like a rubber band, reality does odd things until things calm down. Use the check digit to determine how weird things get: a CD of 3 is good for rains of frogs, while spontaneous human combustion should really be reserved for a CD of 6. Out of a vestigal sense of fair play, the GM is most solemnly warned against using this opportunity to fuel his or her twisted impulses.

Finally, several really brave (or incredibly stupid) celestials have used this Song as an aid to summoning a Superior. Add the CD to the Invocation roll: subtract the CD from the reaction modifier. The news had _better_ be good.

Essence Required: 7
Area of Effect: Essence spent squared, in yards
Disturbance: 2x (Essence times the CD)


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