One Of Our Archangels Is Missing

By John Dallman


Trying to kidnap Archangels is really rather hard. It usually fails, painfully, and it's kind of hard to make the act, in itself, serve a demonic Word. That was why Rawree, Djinn of Dark Humour liked his idea so much; Kobal thought it had some irony in it too, and started on getting the resources together.

Kobal, Kronos and Asmodeus are not demons you'd expect to be working together, but they are the ones you need for this trick. You need Malphas, too, and Vapula if you want the rubber science option.

So who are we after? Well, it's an Archangel who is quite important to the functioning of heaven, and the main guardian against infiltration and subversion. But not many of his fellows actually like him, and if he goes missing for a day or two, they won't panic. Best of all, there's somewhere that he reliably shows up twice a week. Very convenient for Hell, too.

So first, you have to get Daniel and Hutriel, the two Angels of Final Judgement who stand at the Gates of hell, out of the way. This isn't going to be especially easy. Rawree suggested the rubber science option, getting Vapula and Malphas to split time so that the angels get taken out during a piece of time that doesn't happen for most purposes. The alternative is to set them against each other in some way, which will require careful collaboration between Asmodeus and Malphas to find the right trick and exploit it. But it should be possible - those guys are tough, but they aren't Superiors. In any case, you need Kronos for high-quality ineffability to cover it up. You may actually need him to be one of the impersonators; Asmodeus or Baal for the other one, probably.

Now, once you've got Dominic nicely confined, what happens? His servitors start noticing that he isn't turning up, but they aren't generally keen to question his actions, and he can't be invoked. So you may get as much as a week before someone senior in the Tribunal realises that something has to be wrong. The recording of the meeting of the Seraphim Council would be worth serious Distinction to any demon who delivers it to Hell and the bidding war between Kobal and Nybas could be very entertaining. Eventually, Heaven will start working on getting Dominic back, although some of the servitors of War may still be giggling.

Now, we don't want them stamping in here trying to do it, so we need to have him here. Killing him, if we can manage it, would be worthwhile in some ways, but it leaves the angelic Word of Judgement lying around. So we want to strip everything we can off him, then hide him somewhere they'll never find him. Can Remnants have Words? Doing that, then hiding him somewhere people wear robes and never show their faces looks best. It would be even more entertaining to hide him amongst some group that never wears clothes, but we're sure his instinct to cover up would survive his Celestial and Ethereal forces.

There's one trick he could play, though. And Kobal isn't pointing this out to anyone else. If Dominic put himself on trial for carelessness and negligence, and sentenced himself to have his Word stripped, that would get it out of our hands. Probably. And it would end up on one of his senior servitors. Probably. Dominic will probably think of this. Can one voluntarily give up one's word? Can Dominic use his word against himself, to keep it active? Could he bring himself to do it? Well, even if he can, it would be dead amusing.


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