The Bataan Death

By Rev. Pee Kitty


<PLAGIARISM> The camp that was the destination of the fabled Bataan Death March had become a solid Tether to Saminga. He quickly appointed his Djinn Krastai to it, and then sought his particular type of insane joy elsewhere. However, recent memorial walks, museums, and general consciousness of the horrors and atrocities have begun undermining the Infernal nature of the Tether. In fact, Novalis has taken an interest in it, and has begun visiting Krastai, in hopes of redeeming him and claiming the Tether. </PLAGIARISM>

Believe it or not, Saminga is completely aware of this. He felt the Tether beginning to weaken years ago, and has been occasionally checking up on his Seneschal in secret, to see what he's been doing to fix the problem. The answer has consistently been "Nothing". Saminga is not happy about this. His Seneschal has been talking to Novalis. Saminga is not happy about this either. Sure, the Djinn tried to call Saminga (who was not about to rescue what he saw as an incompetent minion from an Archangel's wrath... or whatever Novalis does to demons; he forgets), but then he gave up and started buddying up to the tree hugging do-gooder!

Saminga doesn't mind, though. The Tether is still his... he just needs to make sure that it stays that way. PCs who serve Death, or Death's allies, can get involved in this directly. Angelic PCs are easy to involve as well.

See, Saminga wants to stage a tragedy at the next Baatan Memorial March, in which many, many people die. Horribly, if possible. And yes, this should definitely include Krastai - vessel death is fine; Saminga will be waiting for the poor dear when he recovers from Trauma. He isn't picky about the method of death... nerve gas, biological warfare, fire, crazed gunmen, whatever work. Saminga will neglect to mention the presence of Novalis in the region... but surely intelligent demons will be able to work around that when they realize it, yes?

Michael's degree of involvement is strictly a matter of seasoning, of course. Everyone's tastes vary.


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