Bloody Eagle

By Moe Lane (


"There are good people, there are bad people, there are very bad people and then there are all those damn Iroquois."

-Attributed to anonymous non-Iroquois Native American, circa 1776 AD. Veracity dubious.

Hey, strip the skin from a couple of missionaries and stuff like this gets bandied about before too long. Needless to say, it _is_ an exaggeration, but the some of the various Native American ethereals still weren't precisely nice. The Aztecs got the worst press - at the direct connivance of some of their more thoughtful peers - but more than one ethereal god got politely but firmly ejected from the Happy Hunting Grounds and told to go their merry way. And please, please, please don't come back to visit, if you don't mind?

Well, the worst ended up working for Beleth - of course - and some of the brighter ones of those switched over to Nybbas fairly quickly. The Prince of the Media loves Native American mythology. It's such a useful flail with which to beat Westerners with a taste for guilt (in other words, most of them): besides, you can spice up any kind of pseudo-mystic nonsense up with it. And, of course, there were always bad 'cowboys and Indians' movies, dime novels, television shows: oh, it was prime stuff while it lasted. Such things have died down recently, of course, but these things go in cycles. In the meantime, the ethereal spirits are supposed to keep themselves busy, right? Well, one of them has.

Bloody Eagle - which is not his 'real' name, by the way. Nybbas found his real name to be without artistic merit, and casually removed it from his brain - anyway, Bloody Eagle hung out with Rex for a while (Native Americans are Cool), and made a suggestion. He's come up with The Next Big Thing: the deliberate infliction of pain to show how tough you are. Rex loves it: the scars alone are Cool. Nybbas loves it, too: with a little tweaking, you could get people to sport permanent corporate logos. The rest of Hell loves it: aside from the sheer joy of getting humans to stick knives into each other for fun, there's always the useful aspects of encouraging sadism and ritual torture.

Of course, Heaven is appalled - and guess who they're looking at with narrowed eyes? That's right, the Native American pantheons. Rather than trying to explain away different cultural attitudes (and it's not like Bloody Eagle invented the practices that he's perverting, so to speak), the pantheon has decided that things would be best served by just killing the damn spirit. So, either the PCs will be working for the pantheon, working for Jordi (who has been persuaded to help out on this one), or just trying to kill Bloody Eagle on their own.

If the latter, they'll be dealing with a bunch of Native American spirits and/or pagan Soldiers, at whatever competence level you choose. Try to avoid the cliches on this one: this seed is skirting the realm of bad taste as it is. However, some research in the more unsavory (and lesser known) aspects of certain theological and anthropological attitudes of certain cultures might at least prove a bracing corrective for any annoyingly smugly faux-hip players that you might have. If that fails, just throw Calabim of the Media at them. It'll make you feel better, at least.


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