Gabriel's Own Personal Apocalypse

By Julian Mensch


Genre: Low-Contrast Black Comedy
Synopsis: Belial gets medieval, Kobal gets Biblical, Vapula's bugs get it on, Gabriel gets psychotic, Las Vegas gets torched and Heaven gets Bambi, the new Bright Lilim Archangel of the Divine Fire

WARNING: This adventure seed is epic in scope and likely to leave mile-wide scars in the fabric of any chronicle. It s recommended to be run as a one-shot with new characters. It works as a convention game, or when everybody is drunk. Despite this, it s definitely an adventure for role players; it concerns Superiors and has virtually no combat potential. Oh yeah, and the players might die arbitrarily if they try to take on Gabriel.


Two days ago, one of Belial s older Servitors was informed that he was being recalled to Hell for treason; he d been used as a scapegoat. Being a Calabite who really, really hated Gabriel, he figured it would be nice to go out with a bang rather than be tortured in Hell for eternity. He captured one of Gabriel's most beloved servitors, tortured him, violated him and finally soul-killed him after using torture to force him Celestial. Then, he Soul-killed himself, as he had nothing to lose and wanted to deny Gabriel the chance to punish the cruel. Gabriel arrived in Vegas too late to help, and she never left. Instead, she fell into a state of deep grief over the loss of her beloved Servitor, and went to a church to pray. There, she ran into...:

Bambi,­ Free Lilim IST Lust. Bambi is a bimbo. She is not terribly intelligent, dresses in trashy, provocative clothing and every other thing she says is either a bubble-headed duh comment or sexual innuendo. She has slept her way to the top in Las Vegas because no one ever assumes that owing her a favour is harmful, and they think they can always welch if she asks anything inconveniant. Bambi is currently living in the penthouse of the Luxor and turning it into (even more of) a tribune to Lust. Unlike most Lilim, however, Bambi is not a user. There are two things she genuinely enjoys in this world; the first leaves her hot and sweaty, but the second is helping people ­ she genuinely likes fulfilling needs for the sake of fulfilling needs. Also, while not overly smart, she has an uncanny kind of cleverness at times; she embodies the paradox of being both very selfish and very altruistic.

Anyway, Gabriel throws a screaming fit at God in the Church over the unjust burden she feels she was given. Bambi tried to comfort her, sensed a Need and offered to take on the burden. When Gabriel said she could never handle it, Bambi unknowingly assured the Archangel that she could, whatever it was. Gabriel Resonated this statement as a Seraph would, saw it to be Truth and gave the Divine Fire to Bambi. (It is the Truth -­ Bambi might be a bubblehead, but she s deeply, deeply compassionate and very much a strong-willed survivor; better able to cope with the Word-friction than Belial ever was.)

Meanwhile, Kobal learns of Gabriel's loss and sends some Servitors to play a cruel prank on her in her moment of weakness, implying that if the want to keep their Forces, it best be something rather impressive. The Servitors borrow some genetically engineered locusts from Tartarus and decide to release them throughout Las Vegas in a mockery of the Biblical plague. Gabriel steps out of the church free of her burden and face-first into a chittering, swarming omen. The end is here ­ it s time for her to sound the Final Trumpet and do what she has always wanted to do ­- pour free God's wrath on the cruel and the wicked. What better way to start off an Apocalypse than by nuking the Strip? Sure, she kills tens of thousands of innocents, but the cruel suffer, and that's what Gabriel cares about. The resulting disturbance ­- an Archangel nuking a square block ­ screws up the Symphony enough to prevent anyone from manifesting there... except the players, who were either just in the right area or were sent to investigate before Gabby blew the Trumpet. Gabriel then gives Belial eight hours to show up, before she starts randomly torching more of the city. (Of course, Belial will stay right where he is. Kronos wants Gabriel to meet her fate, and got Lucifer to promise Belial that if Gabriel Falls, she'll be made a Servitor of Belial. Gabriel's not doing anything dissonant and is in no danger of Falling, but Belial is too dense to realize this.)

The Situation

Gabriel is running about in Celestial Form torching the city. Bambi is calling in every geas she has, now, and running damage control from the Luxor, which she's turned into a field hospital of sorts. And she's being a little free with the Song of Healing, which should allow players to find her via disturbance, even in the aftermath of Gabriel's stunts. She only has around 12 Forces (and around 50 Word-forces at present), which means the Divine Fire is leaking out all around her. Artists in the Luxor are prone to random fits of manic inspiration. People are seeing the Celestial forms of angels all around them (making subtlety hard). People are having visions of the future, and prophecy is at an all time high in Las Vegas. Needless to say, every extremist religious group in the world is trying to get to the city as fast as they can -­ even if the Divine Fire didn t bring that about, a rampaging Archangel would. Martial law has been declared. The military is moving in. Whatever other apolalyptic chaos the GM can invent occurs.

There's another problem as well: Vapula's locusts are multiplying fast, very fast, and what began as a prank could turn into a genuine plague. Being Vapulan, they are resistant to toxins, physically resilient, breed up to 60 times faster than normal locusts and, depending on the GM's desire for camp, might have Songs or other special powers. Regardless, they are hungry, they are completely overrunning Vegas and if they aren't stopped, they could very well decimate a large portion of Earth's plant life and overrun other cities completely. Of course, the Divine Fire could clean up the pests, because unlike Belial's (and now, Gabriel's) Word, it has the power to destroy selectively. But Bambi doesn't have the skill to use it like that. Bambi is, at this point, very interested in Redemption ­ largely because Andre will likely investigate, and running a field hospital is not the kind of thing he wants his servitors doing. For that matter, encouraging tender, caring sexuality is probably not high on his list either, nor is persecuting pimps. There's just one catch: she wants to Redeem, if and only if she gets to be an Archangel. She has the Divine Fire, after all, and has slowly begun realizing the implications of that. Never a girl to give up an oppurtunity, she is in true Lilim fashion willing to Cut A Deal(tm). To be fair, she's also concerned that if she gives up the Fire, it will come into Gabriel's hands again (it probably would) and she's understandably not feeling very pleased with Gabby at the moment.

She will have several logically solid but comically delivered reasons why she should keep the Fire and become an Archangel. For the first time in her life, she truly, really feels hope, and it will be like pulling teeth to get her to give that oppurtunity up. Bambi also has a geas/6 on Gabriel, but has no way to get close enough to call it in without getting burnt to a crisp. Go to the Glades in Heaven would be a really handy favour to ask of her at this point, as Michael could probably restrain her -­ if the players could safely get Bambi in range to claim the geas.

The players' role is mostly to talk to Bambi and, later, Gabriel, and try to reach some kind of compromise. Gabriel presently feels utterly empty, consumed in despair and grief; she wants the Apocalypse now because she wants to face Belial... and die. She knows, somewhere deep inside, that she has been as cruel as those she burns; a clever character might be able to exploit that and get her to kill herself. Bambi might be able to channel the constructive aspect of the Fire to reinspire hope in Gabriel, if anyone thinks of it. Really, it s a very freeform scenario; players could come up with pretty much anything in response.

Theme and Tone

This is a very absurd, silly scenario about people who are feeling very real, painful emotions. It's funny, but it's also very dark and tragic. Bambi will inevitably lose the Fire ­= barring all other options, once Gabriel recovers from her episode she'll force-strip the Word from Bambi, killing her. If Gabriel dies, the Seraphim Council will force-strip Bambi and give the Fire to David, Novalis, Michael or Yves. Dominic will protest, especially if the Fire is being given back to Gabriel, but ultimately Heaven will ignore him and Gabriel's actions will be blamed on Word-friction with Belial ­ as usual. Gabriel will return to her normal duties, and Novalis will send down a bunch of Servitors to try and clean up the mess. If Bambi gives up the Fire, she'll still go for redemption - she really has no choice -- but she will likely be destroyed in the attempt. After losing the Fire, she too will be filled with despair and emptiness, and in a theological scenario, despair is the highest sin. That, after all, is what this Apocalypse is about: not fire, but ashes.

* If you have the books, Soldekai works well as the Servitor that Gabriel loses to inspire all this.


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