Water Balloons

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


Mom has a little job for you.

Andrealphus can be a bit of a pain, sometimes. Sad to say it, but it's true. He also can be very, very tiresome, what with not getting the point, trying to corrupt humanity, and not respecting one's personal space (of course, the Prince of Lust would reply that he respects personal space very much, indeed). Case in point: it would seem that he's told his Servitors to meddle with that fun Hindu holiday of Holi. It's supposed to be a chance for everybody to run around, have fun, and let go of some of their inhibitions in a safe manner, but Andre wants to push that last bit until he's got mass orgies going off in the streets. Not that there's anything wrong with that sort of thing, in moderation, but the humans involved won?t exactly be doing it in their right minds, won't they?

Why, yes, this _would_ be normally an issue for the Hindu pantheon. Kind of rude to hide behind a technicality, though: Heaven is supposed to be opposing all evil, after all, not just the evil that sprouts up in areas that are unambiguously the responsibility of the Host. Besides, she's sure that the Hindu gods won't mind: she?ll drop them a note and let them know that the angels are coming to help out.

Never you mind how. Archangels have their ways, dear.

So, once the Servitors of Flowers (and anyone else in the area when Novalis dropped by, of course) get to where they go, of course they'll be expected to keep a lid on the problem. For the most part, it'll involve running around, trying to sniff out demonic interference, then putting the kibosh on it. Of course, they might have problems with some of the Hindu ethereal spirits, but Novalis is sure that the PCs won't do anything to embarrass either her or Heaven.

What? Will this be a cause for necessary violence?

Surely such desperate measures aren't really called for in this case? After all, the Servitors of Lust are merely trying to get a lot of unplanned (and unwelcome) sexual activity going. Stopping that sort of thing doesn't require flaming swords: just water balloons. Properly timed, it's an effective deterrent. In fact, Novalis is going to have to insist that the PCs (yes, even the ones that don't serve her) not use anything else, unless it's a matter of life and soul-death. The PCs, if smart, won't argue: those serving Archangels friendly to Flowers will find that their Superiors are humoring Novalis, and those who aren't are better off not reminding their bosses about the PCs unfortunate taste in friends.

Oh, yes: even if they have to defend themselves, the PCs should really avoid soul-killing the poor unfortunate demons. Try talking to them, instead. It's good practice.

Never you mind why. Mom has her reasons, dear.


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