The Hollowers

By Cameron McCurry


"So we finally got the proof right here," Joshua said as he looked over the documents. "This building isn't an Infernal Tether yet, but it has the potential to become one."

The assembled angels and Soldiers nodded. The meeting had been going on for fifteen minutes and a plan of attack had been laid out. Joshua looked over the street map. The Malakite was quiet as he took in the location of the house.

"I think our best approach is by the west. Hit them right at sunrise, go right in and catch them off guard. We do this fast enough, even the neighbors won't know we were there."

In the house in question, an Impudite was sitting in a chair with her eyes closed. The other demons and Soldiers waited patiently around a table for her to speak. Without warning, the Taker's eyes snapped open. "Perfect. They've taken the bait. From what I heard, the angels will be attacking by sunrise. They are coming in on the west side. That gives us enough time to greet them appropriately." She glanced over at the Calabite that was grinning in anticipation of the upcoming battle. "The blonde one is named Joshua. He's the team's Malakite. He's yours."

As the demons and Soldiers made preparations, the Impudite touched a pendant she wore around her neck. "You did good, my pet. Very good."

Across town, a Soldier of Heaven wiped a tear from his eye as he screamed in his mind a warning to the angels that he could not say out loud. He numbly prepared for the trap that was being set for them.

One of the more twisted ideas to come from the Prince of The War was the idea of making a Human Soldier a spy against the other side against their will. The method behind this is one of Hell's most closely guarded secrets and it only taught to a few Servitors of Ball and Asmodeus.

The process is grotesque and painful. A captured Soldier of Heaven is stripped of his Ethereal Forces which are replaced with an equivalent amount of Forces taken from Renegade Demons. The Forces are linked to an item of jewelry such as a pendant or a ring that is worn by a demon. Through this link, the demon can hear and see things through the Soldier which provides some intelligence on the Host's activities. The end result has been called a Hollower (From hollowing someone out) or a Mummer; an unwilling agent of Hell.

The Soldier is unable to speak about what has been done to him or warn anyone about it. The Forces that are tied into the body prevent any of those actions from occurring. What is even worse, the Hollower is fully aware of when he is being watched by the demon that holds the link on the Forces. The poor soul goes through life knowing that he is betraying the side he swore to help.

Heaven's reaction to this problem has been very harsh. Any demon found to be creating Hollowers is not even given a chance to beg for mercy. The only thing that might grant them a swift soul death is revealing who the Hollowers are in the area and even that is not enough of a guarantee. Michael and Novalis are working together on a way to remove the Infernal Forces from the Hollowers and have had some success to date. But in the meantime, Heaven is becoming cautious around the humans that serve them.


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