Lincoln Is Missing!

By Moe Lane (


Short version: somebody's stolen the statue of Lincoln - and the chair that he's sitting in - from the Lincoln Memorial, and nobody can figure out why. David's whipped up a convincing mockup (actually, one of his Kyriotates of Stone, who's getting very bored now), but it really would be a good idea to get the statue back anyway. The PCs get to go look for it. Aside from a lot of disturbance, there isn't a clue in the world. Until reports start coming in of Poseidon holding court in the ocean...

That's the short version. The slightly longer version is, well, David's the one who actually grabbed the statue in the first place. You see, it occurred to him that, come The Day, it would be really helpful (and somewhat amusing) if the very statues themselves could come to life and began to Smite unwary evildoers. However, to do this, he'd have to actually take a statue and experiment with it a bit before it could serve as a vessel. Early tests seemed promising, so he went ahead and grabbed a suitably humanoid figure, adapted it and assigned it to an Ofanite of Stone with David's Kyriotate Attunement.

Unfortunately, something went really wrong in the final part of the process. Wrong enough that the Ofanite's Heart cracked, sending him Outcast and gifting him with a galloping case of Paranoia. Needless to say, the Ofanite ran away. Said Ofanite is currently cruising around underneath the ocean (that statue happens to be huge, remember?), and by now Abe's gotten a fairly decent crop of seaweed attached to himself. Really, the effect does look like the King of the Sea on his throne.

It's a shame that there isn't an Archangel assigned to the oceans anymore (and David's going to push to rectify that little oversight as soon as possible): the PCs are simply going to have to learn how to swim for this one. They'll also have to figure out how to pacify, capture and retrieve a large stone statue without either damaging it or it's possessor. It'd also be a good idea if they kept their mouths firmly shut about any clever deductions that they might have made.

Still, it could be worse. Just imagine the hassles if the Statue of Liberty was made out of rock.


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