Worrying About Ineffability

By Moe Lane


Ineffability wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for Litheroy.

Well, that's not entirely True: it's more like the rest of the Host wouldn't worry about it as much if it weren't for him. Most angels find it quite easy to go through their days without being wracked with uncertainty about whether Jesus was really God, or whether Mohammed really was the last Prophet. When you work for the Host, you soon learn to deal with the fact that there are things that you simply aren't supposed to know.

Unfortunately, Servitors of Revelations aren't most angels. Seeing as it's dissonant for them to ignore secrets that are harmful to anyone, they tend to worry about ineffability more than the norm. They worry a lot more. After all, if you can't know something, it's effectively a secret, correct? Hidden in plain sight, as it were. And, certainly the fact that nobody Knows which, if any, divine religion is correct has caused more than a few deaths over the millennia. True, it doesn't seem to be dissonant to not investigate, for some reason, but it still feels wrong.

The end result of all of this is that Servitors of Revelations are infamous for trying to track down a solution to more than one ineffable question. They really don't care what the answer is, as long as they get one, so sometimes they can get in over their heads. Whether it's trying to track down the final destination of the Buddha (blithely ignoring the unofficial truce between Heaven and the Hindu pantheon, of course) or trying to sneak into Hell and resonate Kronos to see if he's a Fallen Jesus Christ...

Well, the adventure possibilities are obvious: when they get in over their head, somebody has to go get them before they drown. Resolving these situations can require anything from subtle political and diplomatic negotiations to a full-scale military assault with Holy AK-47s. There's been one occasion where both were required at once (it's amazing how much trouble a Seraph of Revelations can get into on her own). There are times when the Host would much prefer to just write off the angels, of course, but Litheroy gets annoyed when that happens: besides, one thing that you can always count on about Servitors of Revelations is that they probably know lots of things that they probably shouldn't. They also have a real problem with keeping their mouths shut.

And, of course, the only thing worse than failing in one of these rescue missions is, well, succeeding. After all, now you've got experience in this sort of thing, which means that your name gets written down in a wide variety of little notebooks for the next time a similar problem comes up...


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