The Loophole

By Moe Lane (


Laurence made a mistake.

At the time, allowing the Catholic Church to clean up its lists of saints seemed like a good idea: there was a lot of folklore, legendry and really unbelievable stuff floating around there, and what was worse, people were noticing. It's not about to destroy anybody's Faith, per se, but it _will_ lead to a certain amount of mockery. Best to take the medicine and move on.

A great thought, but there's one minor problem. Divine faiths don't produce ethereals, right? That's right, they don't. So, when the Church introduced St. Brigit, they managed to put a stake through the heart of the ethereal goddess of the same name. Unfortunately, what they _didn't_ consider is what would happen when those old saints were officially thrown out of the calendar. The Archangel of the Sword assumed that, once gone, the ethereal gods couldn't come back.

And we all know what happens when you assume, right?

Now, Laurence needs to get these saints back _into_ the calendar before all those deities get revved up again. Thanks to the Church's new position, they can even grab Essence expended on behalf for the saint (you say that non-official saints aren't going to generate ethereal Essence? Tell it to the loa): objectively speaking, the irony is delicious.

The Archangel is somewhat hampered in this by the fact that the saints in question never actually existed, but that's what Servitors are for. Not to mention excellent forgers. Just manufacture the evidence, all right?

And no, _don't_ try to enlist Litheroy's aid. Laurence doesn't care how good of an archeologist he (or his Servitors) is: this sort of thing will only disturb him and make him say extremely rude things in Council...


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