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It was going to happen eventually.

It seems that everybody who gets to Heaven when they die has a little list of people they want to meet, and things can become difficult if the people they want to meet never showed up in the first place (want to make an angel wince? Ask where St. Jerome is). And, of all the 'oops' there are, the worst is... well, Paul.

No, really. Shocking, huh? You would think that Paul would have managed to peg either his Destiny (from Laurence's point of view) _or_ his Fate (from Malphas')with his work in early Christianity, but it didn't happen. When asked, Yves just shrugs and reminds the questioner gently about why blatantly direct interference is frowned upon by his Servitors. Too much of the "Saul, Saul, why doth thou persecuteth me" bit, and the poor human's free will goes out the window.

A real embarrassment all around... but apparently Paul's been riding the Reincarnation Express all this time, and somebody finally got a lock-on. Unfortunately, so did Hell. There's going to be a fun little fight over this one soul.

Now, the PCs will probably not be mighty enough to handle the careful - very, very careful - nudging of Paul (who hasn't yet made any inroads towards either state. Heck, he's a 13 year old girl this time around). They _will_ be mighty enough, no doubt, to assist the team of Destinians/Faters sent down to fiddle with the controls.

Said fiddlers will do their best to explain why they need strange, bizarre things done in strange, bizarre ways, but you know how specialists get when trying to explain stuff. Need I also mention that the Other Side will be doing the exact same thing?

Now, this can easily be played for laughs (as usual), but for those who like a sharper, darker edge, look no further than the (optional) blade held by the Malakite of the Sword assigned as a liason to the angelic team. After all, if Paul(ine) should achieve her Destiny, why...

... don't you think that it's time that this worthy soul finally received its proper reward?


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