The Stamps of the Shal-Mari Postal Service

By Tafka J. (


Once, an up and coming Kobalite was on top of things playing the Vegas circuit in the Corporeal realm. . . That was, until one of his hijinks got him ousted by forces of the Game and Greed.

Almost as jaded as his Prince, he now has a new plan and it's truly sinister indeed.

He's managed to worm his way into the Shal-Mari Postal Service. He has a plan to unvail the new stamp to be used on all post that goes through Shal-Mari. To make things even more amusing, he's decided to unvail two stamps. He'll let the crowd decide, and soon all of Shal-Mari will be sending their important mail with these stamps.

One of the stamps shows Asmodeus, dressed much like a Young-Elvis.

The other stamp shows Mammon, dressed like the older-fat-Elvis.

The prank is definitely suicidal, but one chance to get some measure of revenge before his Forces are ripped apart would not only make him laugh all the way to the Guillotine (or whatever instrument of utter destruction that is used), but it would also bring a smile to his Master's face. After all, that's the most important part.


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