Temporal Displacement Device

By William J. Keith (wjk150@email.psu.edu)


Jean has built a Temporal Displacement Device. Every Servitor of Technology knows it. But, typical repressed Elohite that he is, he has forbidden its use under any circumstances, for some top secret reason with which the Seraphim Council has completely concurred. Unfortunately, something is also preventing its destruction; apparently, it's some kind of unique modification to a small Tether to Lightning, and even an Archangel can't do anything about that until it dies naturally. So there's now a garrison of Lightning angels protecting the site, armed with the best weaponry Heaven has to offer, not to mention an array of deathtraps that make getting to the center of the installation, where the Corporeal locus is located, a struggle for even the most determined teams of demons. The installation itself is a superb defense; it's easy to get lost in its winding, deliberately-confusing passages.

Sometimes a demon will find himself separated from his comrades. He gets in a running firefight with a team of Malakim, when suddenly a crossfire is set up from a nook above him in the hall, someone coming to his aid. The Malakim retreat, and he finds himself alone with... himself. >From the future, it appears. He confirms his identity with a few personal tidbits about the demon's past, and casually mentions that he only has a short while, especially when the other demons reappear, but he had an obvious interest in returning to help out his past self. Speaking of obvious...

Did we mention the NC: Wings? The white feathered ones?

Jean thinks it's an excellent use of an old, minor, dying Tether that can't be efficiently supported. Since defenders have the advantage of ground and knowledge of the area, not to mention aTraumatic Malakim, Heaven makes out better than Hell on the body/Trauma count. And when a demon comes in that might be Redemption material -- or it's someone who they've decided would be best placed on the Game's watch list -- well...

There's already so much Disturbance flying around at these things. Who's going to notice 8 or 9 Essence spent on a use of the Seraph, Elohite, Malakite, or Mercurian resonance? And if the demon comes to the conclusion that an angel in a Vessel just like his (a permanent investment, since the Servitor can keep it afterward), knowing about his past relationships, or secret motivations, just *has* to be himself from the future... there's a surprisingly low recidivism rate, once an ex-demon has experienced the wonder of his new state, and been convinced that he too would lie to get someone on the Right Side.


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