A Not-So-Brief And Unnamed Adventure Seed, Part 2

By Rev. Pee Kitty


You've had a day to think about it. So has Kobal. And turning the great Trump of Fire into a mockery of itself is right up his alley.

The first step was a bit of fine-tuning on the New Trumpet so Gabriel herself cannot hear it - that took an extra week. The second step was to let his brother Haagenti in on a completely different joke....

"Now," Kobal asks his brother, "how would you like to hurt Belial *real bad*? I have...a plan. A simple plan, really. Your team and my team call in every favor we have from anyone with any rank in Fire, and from anyone who's owed a favor from anyone in Fire. It won't even take a large Geas."

The instructions to each demon thus contacted:

Give the following order to a Pyro whom you outrank (if in Fire) 
or are owed by (if not). It is a very reasonable order, and one 
which Belial himself will no doubt approve of. "The Mawaga 
rainforest in middle Africa has been suffering from recent 
droughts and is in a very fragile state. In absolute and complete 
secrecy, make a good attempt to start a fire near it or in it 
that will burn it to the ground. Don't get caught."

"And then," Kobal continues to Haagenti, "we simply let Heaven know, and Belial loses a *lot* of demons." Haagenti likes this plan.

After verifying that enough demons of Fire are on their way, Kobal makes sure that Gabriel herself is the first to find out. Celestial Song of Tongues, anonymous version. Crude, but she just has to at least see for herself... and then she comes across the rainforest, with dozens upon dozens (perhaps hundreds?) of Belial's demons doing what they do best. Naturally, she gets very angry and begins swatting demons like flies.

The third step is Kobal himself, hidden away nearby, with his handy pocket mirror relic (Ethereal Song of Light/6, No Disturbance Created At All)... and as his imp puts the New Trumpet to his lips, the air around Gabriel shows her putting one to hers as she pauses for a moment to ascertain her next target...

THE TRUMPET HAS SOUNDED echoes throughout Heaven....

Before anyone can get there, Kobal does it again.


When he hears the disturbance of the first Superior, he quietly slinks away.

And the Firemen will tell the others that they witnessed Gabriel blowing the Trump. And the Seraphim will read this as true (whether it is True or not may never be known, as resonances fuzz when Superiors are involved).

And the angels will witness Gabriel, frenzied in the heat of battle, wild eyed. And they will ask her. And she will deny it. And they will read that as true (but not necessarily True). And they will recall that Gabriel is mad. And Dominic will ask for a full investigation. And Gabriel will leave. And the Firemen may or may not follow her, depending on how threatening Dominic is. Either way, it matters not.

For Kobal will do it again. And again. He'll particularly enjoy doing it when Gabriel is temporarily out of sight of the Firemen (an easy task for an Ofanite).

And Gabriel may never accost her Firemen, demanding to know why they lie about what they saw. But perhaps she may.

And Heaven will not trust Gabriel as much, fearing even more for her sanity.

And Kobal will be happy.

And Belial will be pissed, but that is a good thing. And Belial may find out somehow who was behind his Servitors dying, but that is something which may be dealt with as it happens. For now, there is trumpet music to be made.


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