A Little, Little List (Ethereal Discord)

By Moe Lane


(With thanks to Jaymiel)

This isn't precisely a Discord; it's more of a social Disadvantage than anything else. Anyone suffering from it has done something to annoy, irritate, disconcert or set back a particular Superior's organization, and they are more than ready to return the favor.

Oh, yes.

The extent of said infamy depends on the level:

ALLL/1: The relevant rank and file will recognize you on an Intelligence Roll at -2.
ALLL/2: The relevant rank and file will recognize you on a straight Intelligence Roll.
ALLL/3: The relevant rank and file automatically recognizes you.
ALLL/4: As above, and those with relevant Distinctions automatically recognize you.
ALLL/5: As above, and those with relevant Words automatically recognize you.
ALLL/6: Walk out of the room when the appropriate Superior walks in.

This dislike may not be violent (especially with some angelic organizations), but it will always be expressed, and may very well spill over to one's immediate companions. Buying off this Discord can be tricky, and certainly involves significant services for the appropriate Word; this can be especially difficult for demons.

Reaction modifiers: obviously, one can forget about getting a good reaction from the relevant Words. Anyone serving a Superior that is Allied to the relevant Superior, and is aware of the condition, will react at -2/level; anyone Associated will react at -1/level. Anyone Hostile or Enemy to the Superior in question, however, will react at a flat +2. This may or may not be a good thing, of course...


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