Flux (Corporeal)

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


This Discord is very new: the first reported case of it was in 1938 AD, as part of one of the most drastic incidents of Word-shift in the history of the War (Eugenics, a Trivial Word formerly held by a Mercurian of Stone as a way to encourage the voluntary improvement of the species by selective breeding, a la Robert Heinlein's Howard Families. The sudden shift of said Word to a euphemism for genocide was unexpected, and very painful: you can still see the crack in the Council floor where the poor bastard pounded his head while begging them to make the agony _stop_). It's cropped up from time to time since.

Those with the Discord find their physical form to be very plastic: too plastic, in fact. Facial features in particular will shift and adapt to fit whatever long-term mood the unfortunate individual is experiencing - and, seeing as the condition is painful, this usually means that the person's expression will end up being unpleasant.

At level/1, this shift can't really be seen with the naked eye, unless one wishes to watch unblinking for an hour or so: at level/6, anyone afflicted by this had better wear a mask and very loose clothing. Total mass remains unchanged. Also, at level/3 and above anyone afflicted with this Discord will take 1 hit of damage per day.

Reaction modifier: -2 per level, for levels 1 through 3; -3 for each level above 3.


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