Surreal (Corporeal Discord)

By David Streeter


A celestial with the surreal discord betrays his nature much like the "Aura" discord, but through his vessel obviously not belonging to the corporeal world. The character might not cast a shadow, or not have a reflection, for example.

Unlike other discords, the player chooses which one or more ways in which their character does not interact with the corporeal world correctly (these are called "surreal features"). Each feature increases the level of the discord by one, with a maximum of six as usual. The character suffers a reaction penalty of (corporeal forces + total discord level) if any surreal features are noticed by an NPC.

Surreal Features:


At GM option, Shedim and Kyriotates may stun humans with reflections or images of their celestial form. "No Reflection" would be a favorite for Vampires. Even if only one feature is noticed, the total discord level is used to calculate reaction penalty.


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