By James Walker


There are a lot of mundanes in Heaven's service, and most of them have the Lucid Dreaming skill. Over the years they've crafted their Dreamscapes into places of beauty, wonder - and often extreme usefulness. A Dreamer may copy a location he knows well to allow angels to practice missions in it, or create a library where others can study. Special about DreamNet is that it is not one, but instead thousands of Dreamscapes working together. Rather than being bubbles, the Dreamscapes appear as complicated tangles of wire, forming viewscreens where they connect to other Dreamscapes. Mercurians of Dreams are particularly fond of DreamNet, as they can move from 'scape' to 'scape until they find one dedicated to the subject they're interested in. Other users move more slowly, but all agree that it's much faster than the Internet.

You don't actually need to enter the Dreamscapes to use DreamNet; each Dreamscape writes relevant information onto the side of the scape, allowing a researcher to painstakingly follow information trails. This part of the DreamNet is incredibly well maintained, as it is the only section which can be used by Mundanes ie the people who maintain DreamNet. However accessing the real power of DreamNet requires entering the Dreamscapes. Most run on an accelerated time rate, allowing a visitor to conduct hours of research during the handful of minutes granted by their Song/Attunement. Galleries of artwork are common, as are collections of favourite sunsets etc. Angels tend to be more interested in the libraries, which cover every subject known to mortals. Buildings are duplicated; battles re-enacted. (Although rarer than on the mundane web, porn 'scapes do exist, to the shock of many angels, and many more Soldiers of God). Even the angels and Saints who watch over DreamNet have only a limited idea of how much is available. Fortunately for those overwhelmed, getting advice is easy. The Dreamers who created the Net are in their Dreamscapes and make excellent guides/librarians/sages.

There are some problems with DreamNet that a new user should consider: Firstly, only one third of the DreamNet is active at any one time; a wise researcher will perform 4 searches 6 hour apart if they wish to by thorough.

Secondly, DreamNet cannot, by definition, focus on anything which would draw the Dreamer into Beleth's March; doing so would disconnect the dreamer.

Thirdly, accuracy is better than the mundane web, but not great. Seraphim are invaluable here.

Fourthly, DreamNet etiquette requires visitors to take the time to admire any artworks the Dreamer has created. Doing so takes no real time (due to the accelerated time of the 'scapes) so failure to do so is considered highly insulting and will result in the visitor being sent to Coventry by the entire DreamNet.

Fifthly, areas of each Dreamscape are veiled. Behind the veil are the private hopes and dreams of the dreamer. Entry into these areas without a very good reason will result in a posse of angels of Dream chasing the trespasser done and 'explaining' the courtesies of the Marches - probably with a baseball bat. Even Dominicans only go in after getting formal permission from Blandine.

Finally, DreamNet is not to be mentioned in the Corporeal world unless absolutely necessary. Hell has heard of DreamNet, but assumes that it is part of JeanNet; this belief is to be encouraged.

An ongoing problem with the DreamNet has been dreamers refusing to leave after dying. This problem has been circumvented by making dreamers 'honorary Saints'. The Dreamshade is still expected to travel to heaven, but may may return via Blandine's Tower to re-establish their 'scape after a cooling off period in Heaven. Returning dreamers create even more beautiful dreamscapes, inspired by their time in Heaven, so it's hoped that this will solve the problem. These Saints are also responsible for policing the DreamNet.

As DreamNet expands, some Dreamscapes are being buried within it, with no direct contact to the Vale. Visitors are often surprised by the peace within these dreamscapes, as disturbance does not penetrate this far. A handful of these 'scapes seem to be potential Tethers - generally to Creation, Destiny, Dream or Fire. Angels have been asked not to spend essence while within the DreamNet for fear of disrupting the Tethers.


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