Force Catchers

By Beth McCoy


Now, everyone knows that they're good protection from Kyrios and Shedim, right? But does everyone know that they're good possessions of Kyriotates and Shedim?

Didn't think so.

Here's how it works. The body-hopper gets one of these little doohickies. The body-hopper bonds with it, paying the character points required.

To start with, it keeps other people from trying to possess one's host out from under one. Neener, neener! But there are other uses.

Now, if the owner is a Kyriotate, it can keep a Force or two in the Catcher, and either communicate with its buddies, or (GM's option) keep those Forces in its Catcher if another Force Catcher starts sucking it in.

If it needs its Forces, it simply releases them -- it is the owner, after all, and it can do that!

So it's got a parachute for other Force Catcher problems, and it can provide communications between people without having to worry about endangering hosts. If it tacks Summonable onto the Force Catcher relic, it's golden.

Shedim get less milage out of owning Force Catchers, since they can't split their Forces around, but any Shedite who really can't afford to be outside a host (Renegades, primarily, but others come to mind) can probably either possess, or "ooze into" their personal Force Catcher. Once they find a new host, they release themselves from their artifact and possess! (If the Shedite doesn't have Summonable on the thing, permitting it to take celestial form, vanish the 'Catcher, zoom off celestially for a while, manifest the 'Catcher, and possess it again... Well, a funny shiny crystal could lie a long time in an unnoticed place...)

Of course, there's another use for this trick. See, Force Catchers are celestial artifacts as well -- you can keep prisoners in them even in the celestial realms.

Just think about it. Sneak someone down to Hell/up to Heaven, carrying a bunch of Force Catchers with angels/demons (anyone with the Song of Possession can play!) in them. Hide the Force Catchers. And when the signal comes, they will burst forth in glorius sneak attack!

Of course, they're going to get awfully bored in there. Better find some way to get deluxe Force Catchers, with an Internet connection and Gameboy (Playstation?) equivalent. O:>


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