The General Staff of the Host

By John Dallman


This is one of Laurence's more significant, if obscure, organisations. He inherited it from Uriel, who had the original version from Michael. It's a collection of Angels and Saints whose basic job is to attend to details of organising The War, and to make plans for contingencies.

Laurence heads the Staff himself, of course - Superior multi-presence can be most helpful - and since he gives most of the orders that come out of its work, many angels don't really register its existence. Most of the members are drawn from the war faction of heaven, with War and The Sword most strongly represented. Since it runs the Host's liaison with the organisations of all Archangels - it can be quite difficult to distinguish from Laurence's personal following at times - it does have representatives of all major and many minor Archangels.

Much of what it does is basically uninteresting logistics and planning for way-out happenstance, but there are a few sections that PCs engaged in regaining forces after an accident, or otherwise temporarily unsuited to corporeal or ethereal service might be assigned to.

The Grand Strategy Group can be fun, in a cerebral sort of way. It thinks about the ways the War is being fought, and what might be effective variations. Naturally, it gets hamstrung by incomplete information much of the time, but it also has occasional bright ideas. It produces some very /odd/ requests for intelligence data on occasion, which could also make interesting scenarios. Trustworthy servitors of Creation are popular here; Windies would be welcome if they could stay on one subject long enough. Some of their planning papers, especially from the Contrarian Cells, make very interesting reading.

The Military Strategy Group is more focused. It has many task forces, each dealing with some identifiable front, geographic location, or other large aspect of the War. It tries to find the best ways to fight in its bailiwick, and to get the resources that seem to be needed. Laurencians are the characteristic operators here, plus any Word-bound angel related to the subject at hand.

The Operational Artists is a nickname, but it stuck, given that the proper name for this level in the Staff is MSG <name> Operational Resource Group. The groups at this level deal with personnel and resource assignments and try to keep track of what's actually happened after the orders have been given. Unsnarling conflicts of interest between overlapping OA groups is a never-ending task. Everyone has goodwill, everyone knows they're on the same side, and everyone is sure that their problem is the most important. Servitors of Judgement can actually be nearly popular here, given their ability to arbitrate.


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