By Beth McCoy (


See those little Malakim with the wooden swords? The Seraphim who could do a good impression of grass-snakes? The little Ofanim like blazing Cheerios?

Those aren't necessarily angels who've been Force-stripped down to the size of a reliever.

They may be... Mini-Choirs.

Mini-Choirs don't happen much; the few times they've occured, is when two (or more) members of the same Choir produce offspring via the mingling of their Forces, and the Archangel performing the Force-bonding is also the same Choir. For example, a few Mercurians and Eli (indeed, a lot of Mini-Choir members _are_ Mercurians of Creation); Cherubim and Novalis; Seraphim and Dominic (it's rumored to have happened -- _once_).

There's not much more of interest about the tiny little Choir-members. Just don't mistake them for relievers; they've got their full Choir resonance (for what that's worth, in the case of the occasional 3-Force one), and Choir attitudes, and typically a Choir Attunement as well.

They're very, _very_ young, though, generally. They ask strange questions, and tend to have simplistic worldviews. Novalis adores the ones who ask things like, "Why can't we just be nice to the demons and show them they're wrong so they'll come home and redeem and play with us?"

Plot Seed:

One of Jordi's Mini-Kyrios has... gone exploring down a wild Tether. It's the minimum 3 Forces to stick together, but it's got the Animals Choir Attunement, which means it can multiply that for animals. Not that holding a swarm or three of bugs isn't more than enough to be perplexing for those who seek to find the little rascal via looking through its Heart.

Upon hearing that the little dear's gone missing, one of the parents (or more; how do you tell with a Kyrio?) has contacted the PCs... Here, have a few butterfly nets and go play tag with a kid Kyrio who has no sense of this being anything but a game.

Despite the Vapulans and their Force-Hoover who are looking for a Kyriotate to catch and experiment upon. (Though their Impudite is having a most troubling time trying to figure out why he can't see its _Essence_. Little does he (or she, depending on vessel) know, the Kyriotate has spent it already, trying to help animals escape from humans.)


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