People Net

By Cameron McCurry


"Hi, come on in. Welcome to People Net. Can I offer you some coffee? No? Just get straight to business? Not a problem.

"I understand that you are interested in the people we hire out and would like them on call. The short answer is no. Yes, I know you're an angel and you are a favored Servitor, but that is not why I opened this place. You have a problem with that, take it up with Marc. I know that we're all on the same side, but you don't seem to realize the kind of problems being a Soldier causes them. They believe in the cause, but they can't hold stable jobs, real relationships or keep a good place to live because of angels like you. I opened this place to help them get some employment as contractors where they aren't retained for too long. I look out for their welfare so they don't have to BE on welfare. Any questions?"

Erica Williams was a loyal Soldier of Trade that ran a company's Human Resources department while she was alive. She wasn't a front line fighter though. She simply maintained records and made sure that the local Soldiers were provided for. Her death at the age of 35 to cancer was a great loss to them.

She didn't waste time when she got to Heaven either. She made an appointment with Marc and made it quite clear to his secretary that Archangel or not, he was going to listen to her and she had no problem waiting decades for a meeting.

An open appointment miraculously appeared a few hours later and Erica made her case. Too many Soldiers were being treated as disposable tools by the angels that worked with them. Yes, they recognized that they were fighting for the greater good, but it was hard to keep that in mind when you could barely afford rent on a room because you kept getting called away from your job at the last minute.

Shortly after the appointment, Erica was back on Earth as a Saint with sufficient funding and a few contacts amongst some Soldiers that needed work. She took to her job with a great deal of enthusiasm.

People Net is located in an office complex. There are no signs in the directory, the office itself is fairly easy to miss and there is no listing for it in the phone book. It relies on word of mouth amongst the Soldiers and Mundane servants of Heaven. In a short period of time, Erica has managed to set up connections with different offices, many of which are run by angels. She keeps the humans in the War employed as contractors in jobs ranging from secretarial to construction. She's had a bit of success at it as well and has even set up medical and dental (the former is especially appreciated for Soldiers in combat. She even knows doctors that heal Soldiers without too many questions).

As of late, Erica has started employing "Career Counselors" with a very specific mission. She was made aware of Grey Soldiers and turncoats and views them as a resource that can be effectively used. Her counselors, all Soldiers with experience in non violent resolutions, attempt to work with the former Hellsworn to get them back towards Heaven. So far, they boast a near perfect success rate in converting Hellsworn which has been earning her the attention and interest of Novalis.

The other thing that makes Erica so well known is her dealings with angels. She hires people out as workers, not fighters. And she has a sufficiently strong Will and a backbone of steel that keeps her from cowering before them when things get confrontational. And when things get too confrontational, there is Joshua, a Cherub of Trade who is assigned to protect Erica on Earth. He's dearly fond of her and believes in what she is doing here. The few angels that try to push her too far end up dealing with the Cherub's fist. Not only that, but Joshua has friends who can make angel's lives financially difficult if they get out of line with her.

As for Erica, the Saint is quite happy to run her business, avoid combat and keep Soldiers off the unemployment lines. Let other people do the fighting; she'll be the one who keeps the lives of Soldiers a lot less Hellish.


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