A Petition

By Moe Lane


Antiphon 1:
All ye / Holy / Servants of the Lord, pray for us.

Antiphon 2:
For all / Servants / Lost to Heaven's sight, hear our prayers.

Seraphim Most-Holy, pray for us,
Cherubim Protectors, pray for us,
Ofanim Wheels of Fire, pray for us,
Even-handed Elohim, pray for us:

Malakim, stern Virtues, pray for us,
Kyriotate Dominations, pray for us,
Mercurian Friends of Man, pray for us,
Watching Grigori, pray for us:

Antiphon 1

Michael who is like God, pray for us,
Dominic Judge of Heaven, pray for us,
Litheroy the Seeker, pray for us,
Novalis font of Mercy, pray for us:

Blandine our Dream-Warden, pray for us,
Zadkiel always Guarding, pray for us,
Christopher the Wise, pray for us,
Gabriel winged Envoy, pray for us:

Antiphon 1

Janus harbinger, pray for us,
Jean the Spark of Reason, pray for us,
Faithful Muslim Khalid, pray for us,
Laurence perfect Paladin, pray for us:

David greatest Mason, pray for us,
Jordi King of Beasts, pray for us,
Eli Master Craftsman, pray for us,
Heaven's Steward Marc, pray for us:

Antiphon 1

For Uriel the Purest, hear our prayers,
For Raphael the Martyr, hear our prayers,
For Oannes Ocean-Queen, hear our prayers,
And for vanished Song, hear our prayers:

For all those felled in battle, hear our prayers,
For all those now in Exile, hear our prayers,
For all those lost to Grace, hear our prayers,
And for the Morningstar, hear our prayers:

Antiphon 2


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