20 Questions For Ex-Relievers

By James Walker


Resonances: Did a Malakite ever chide you for some (minor) dishonourable (in)action? (eg forgetting to keep a promise, losing something, failing to turn up when you were supposed to meet someone/take part in a ceremony). If so, was he overly harsh, or did he just gently insist that you correct the situation? What was it? How did you make amends? What sort of things did the Malakim talk to you about, to help you refine your own code of honour?

Did you ever (to your knowledge) have a Cherub attuned to you? Was it because you kept getting lost? Or as reassurance that you were protected? Or did you actually venture into places in Heaven (eg the Volcano) where it was possible for you to get hurt?

When did you first realise that there were different factions in Heaven? Have you tried to do anything about this? Have you had any success? (Remember, even persuading two fellow relievers not to quarrel is a degree of success). Do you think the problem can be completely solved? If not, how long did it take you to come to that conclusion?

Friends: Who were your friends as a fledgling? Did they choose the same Superior as you? Did a Mercurian ever have to sit you down and explain that while (incredibly overworked WordBound 'X') didn't dislike you, he was too busy to spend time with you?

Have any of your friends Fallen or been soul-killed in the centuries which have passed since you were created? Do you think of them often? How has this affected your feelings about demons? Did an Elohite helped you deal with the grief?

What Words have taken in interest in you? (Remember, all Words need to recruit, and at the least, Children & Destiny will be interested in the relievers for their own sake)

Have any of your friends chosen to serve a Superior Hostile or indifferent to your own? Do you still get to see them? Has this soured the friendship?

When did you first meet one of the Redeemed? Did any of your questions about their Discord/where they were from/why they had an escort upset them? What did you think of their enthusiasm?

Humans: What sort of Disadvantages did you see in the Blessed who had just arrived in Heaven? Did the humans act on them? How did you feel, react? Did you ever watch humans shed Disadvantages? Did you ever get to help them do so?

What did the Blessed tell you about Earth? Did it worry you? How many of your assumptions about Earth were based on places like Commerce Park?

Did you meet any 'famous' humans in Heaven? Were they famous in Heaven, or had their fame been purely Corporeal? Did you know that they were famous? Did that affect how they treated you?

How did you react when you saw humans walking up Jacob's Ladder? Did you want to follow them? How many human friends have gone up the Ladder? How much do you miss them?

Religion: When did people first discuss God in your presence? Have you ever participated in any of the religious services held in Heaven, and if so, of which religions? How has human religion benefited you(Remembering that you're only being taught it by the cream of the adherents of each religion)?

When did you first find out what Dissonance was? Outcasting? Did you ever get a point of dissonance while a reliever? How? How did you get rid of it?

Did Judgement ever talk to you? Were they just trying to discourage you from taking service with, say, Janus - or were they worried that you might be starting to go wrong?

Hell: When did you first find out about the War? With the excitement of seeing Heaven's forces drilling, or hearing of a victory - or the grim news of a defeat? Did you ever look out over the Walls to see Hell for yourself? Did you ever search for signs of Diabolical plots in Heaven itself? If so, how did loyal angels react to having you snooping around & following them?

Travel: Which Cathedrals did you visit while deciding on a Superior? Which were your favourites? How many events have you participated in(things like Novalis' party, The Sword's formal ceremonies)? Which deserted Cathedrals have you visited?

Did you ever have anything stolen by a Windie? What did you do about it? Did you get it back?

When did you first see a Traumatised angel? Was there someone there to explain what was going on? If not, did you try and help the angel?

When was the concept of lying first explained to you? Did you understand why this would be done? What was your kneejerk reaction to the idea?


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