Remembrances - Another Version

By Cameron McCurry


Jason walked home in a total daze. He ran everything through his head again and nothing made sense.

It wasn't that he was stupid really. It's just that math was his absolute worst subject. And that bastard Mr. Kellerman was making it clear almost every day that if he failed the class, he was going to be held back.

He walked into the math final more scared than he had ever been in his life. When he finally opened the test booklet, everything was a blank. All that studying and the extra tutoring was for nothing.

The panic that was tightening its grip around his heart was suddenly gone. Jason wiped the sweat off of his head and looked at the paper. For some reason, the numbers made sense. He could just look at one question and see the pattern that showed him the correct answer. An hour later and he had finished the test and he somehow knew that he had passed.

Mr. Kellerman kept him after class the next day. He had graded Jason's paper first and wanted him to see the results. Jason's eyes widened as he saw the number 100 written in black ink at the top. His surprise was compounded by his teacher smiling at him.

"Jason, sit down. We have some things to talk about."

Jason Slade

Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Ethereal Forces: 2
Intelligence: 3
Precision: 3
Celestial Forces: 3
Perception: 4
Will: 2

Skills: Dodge/1, Fighting/2, Knowledge (Math/2, Science 3)

Songs: Memory (Ethereal/2)

Attunements: Seraph of Jean (He doesn't have access to it yet, but should with continual training)

Not all manifestations of "The Remembered" are due to violence. Any kind of stress would be enough, even without Celestial interference. Jason is one of those cases.

His sudden Symphonic connection was lucky enough to be noticed by a Servitor of Jean who works in his high school as a math teacher. The Mercurian quickly reported the manifestation to Jean and has now taken it on himself to teach the boy. The best guess that the Intercessionist could make is that Jason has the Forces of a former Soldier of Lightning. He is quietly trying to find out more details while slowly educating his charge about the War.

In the meantime, Jason has taken to math and science with the zeal of a convert. His grades have improved and he is able to remember things with stunning clarity. It seems that his life is turning around.


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