Minor Choir: Sasquatches

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


(The Idealists, the Rangers)

The two men looked up from their digging without quite realizing why they were suddenly anxious. After an endless moment, they laughed self-consciously and bent over to their work. "The wind", said one of them.

Wrong Word, I thought as my nose wrinkled at the stink of machines. I looked over at the drums of corrosive chemicals, already beginning to rust and leak.

Good thing that the lids are loose, though... and even better that they brought two drums with them.

We wouldn't want that stuff spilled on the soil.

Actually, the name _is_ Celestial. Cross-cultural contamination between certain Native American tribes and Servitors of Animals, you understand. Jordi began creating them after the Grigori were exiled: he wanted a minor Choir capable of riding herd over humanity. Unfortunately, his disdain for all things human made him reluctant to create Sasquatches in any kind of numbers - until quite recently. The shellacking that the environment's gotten over the last few centuries has convinced the Archangel of Animals that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hopefully, these guys will do the trick.


A Sasquatch's resonance is for ecosystems: they can look at an area and determine whether or not it's flourishing. If it isn't, they can figure out why - and, more importantly, who's at fault. Once they determine the source of the problem, they go remove it. Polluters are well advised to never go on a camping trip for the rest of their lives.


Sasquatches were made in the image of What Man Would Have Looked Like If Jordi Had Headed The Design Team: his active dislike of modern trends shows up in his creations. It is dissonant for a Sasquatch to use or benefit from any technology more advanced than a stone axe - and many don't even like to use _that_. They can smash it all they like, and even make sure that wrecking one bit of technology will just happen to wreck a lot of other technology in the area, but they can't use it at all for themselves.

To give you an idea, a Sasquatch wouldn't go _near_ a soda machine. He'd be too busy tossing a rock into a turbine at the dam upriver, just before tossing a torch into the dynamite cache to set it off. This would, coincidentally, blow up the dam, which would cause the pent-up waters to then rush down river and sweep the soda machine out to sea. Besides, even if you were to hand him a soda, he wouldn't be able to drink it, unless you poured it into a gourd or something. These guys aren't allowed cups.

This means that gadgetry can be a temptation to a Sasquatch: they learn many Songs to compensate for the lack of technological assistance, but the lure of an easy way out is always there. Those that succumb may Fall... and become something whose Celestial name has _also_ passed into Native American tongues.

They might become Wendigoes.

Manner and Appearance

Sasquatches can't pass for humans under normal circumstances: Jordi gives them large, looming, hairy humanoid vessels that blend in well with the wilderness but clash horribly on your average city street. Their celestial forms are pretty much the same, plus haloes (prompting the latest generation of Soldiers to nickname them 'Woookies'. The investigation of possible Diabolic influences over George Lucas has not yet been satisfactorily completed, as of this writing). Sasquatches tend to be quiet, friendly types, really: they know that they loom, and so try not to increase anyone else's level of discomfort. Unless, of course, you happen to be a criminal type, such as a polluter, strip miner, real estate developer...

Game Mechanics

Generally, the resonance of a Sasquatch for determining the health of an area is instantaneous. The area sampled usually has a radius of about an acre: the angel may double the area for each -3 to the resonance roll.

Check Digit Resonance Table
  1. You can tell whether an area is thriving.
  2. As above, and if it isn't, you know about how bad the problem is.
  3. As above, and you know what the problem is.
  4. As above, and you can see a possible way to resolve the problem, should one exist.
  5. All of the above, and you know the name of the person responsible for any local ecological disaster.
  6. ...And you'll recognize him or her on sight.
More Advanced Uses of Resonance

Being in tune with nature, Sasquatches may add their (appropriate) Forces to any non-combat roll dedicated to helping out an ecosystem, or stopping those who would despoil the earth. This will mean, among other things, that a Sasquatch can usually count on bonuses to their Move Silently and Survival rolls.

Sasquatches in the Host

For the most part, Sasquatches stay with Jordi. They get assigned to wilderness areas (before you ask, yes, they're also behind the Yeti legend), and are starting to become proactive in making sure that they stay wilderness areas. It should be noted that Sasquatches of Animals don't disdain humans, unlike many of their fellow-Servitors: they just hate humanity's toys. As long as you aren't dumping toxic waste into a river, you're perfectly safe around them. They'll even sit still long enough for you to take a picture or two: Sasquatches tend towards a little mild vanity.

Other Superiors have a few Sasquatches, but only as curiosities, really. Novalis gets the ones that don't like killing anybody, and Michael can always make room for a eight foot tracker who can move like a ghost through woods, but really, the technology problem is a big one.

Sasquatch of Animals
The vessels of Sasquatches, like that of all Servitors of Animals, do not cause disturbance except through Essence use. Also, they automatically know the location of every human within 200 yards of them.

Sasquatch of Flowers
Novalis likes using these gentlest of giants as guardians of her gardens. Jordi freely lets his Servitors seek her service, so they keep their vessel and Attunement (the latter paid for normally). She gives them her Nothing but Flowers Attunement.

Sasquatch of War
Michael used these angels more in the past than he does today. All Sasquatches of War start with 10 Forces (at least 4 of which are to be Corporeal). Michael uses them as scouts in wilderness campaigns, and lets them wander where they would at other times.


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