Superior In A Can

By Moe Lane


OK, to make this trick work you need a minor Superior under your thumb. Not the easiest trick in the world to accomplish, but Lucifer's certainly got the oomph to do it (as well as the Seraphim Council, provided that they're sufficiently dark). You'd probably want to get rid of the Superior afterwards, too.


Accumulate a bunch of 18 Force celestials. Remove all but one of their Ethereal Forces (they'll just get in the way). Optimally, you want a Int 1, Pre 3 drooling idiot.

Take the Superior. Word-strip him or her (and get rid of all of his/her Ethereal Forces while you're at it: they'll also just get in the way).

Take the first drooling idiot and embue them with the Superior Level Word. Wait for the Superior State Change.

Strip the new Superior of his/her Word, also remove the last Ethereal Force and put the zombie Superior on ice. Put the Word back into the original holder (keeps it fresh). Check the restraints again: can't be too careful.

Repeat above until you've got a bunch of processed entities that have undergone the Superior State Change. Stick them in metaphorical 50 gallon drums until you need a new Superior. Said Superior would get the necessary Ethereal Forces at the same time as he/she receives her new Superior-level Word - both carefully chosen and edited by Lucifer/Seraphim Council, of course - and starts the new day without any messy obligations, loyalties or vendettas. A nice temporary patch for those disaster situations.

Adventure potentials? Well, if you're not running a Dark Campaign, have Vapula get his hands on Beelzebubb's Remnant and let him try this trick on his own. Knowing Vapula, it'll blow up in an entertaining fashion (the advantage of this is that he'll still try if even if it's actually impossible in your particular campaign): that's why there's an Archangel of Technology in the first place. :)


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