Superior-level Resonance

By Beth McCoy


At 12:50 AM -0700 8/22/01, Perry Lloyd wrote:

> Of course, I always forget that bit. That Archangels gain all the benefits
> of all the choirs without any of the drawbacks (except perhaps their own),
> which is why no archangels are ever deceived (because they can Seraph out
> any lies) and they can attune to the PCs without ever worrying about
> Dissonance for failing to protect them. On top of this, they ALL can be as
> fast as an Ofanite, and never worry about their Resonance backfiring on
> them, which is why they can catch up with Gabriel where ever she goes.

I have, in my own little universe over here, generally determined that a Superior using its own resonance has, well, the Superior-level version of it. (We will not talk about Andrealphus and Impudite Charm here, plus Word-leakage.) So while other Superiors can access the resonances of other Choirs (or Bands), probably with successes better than Servitors can reasonably hope to achieve consistently, they're not as good as a Superior of that Choir (or Band). So Dominic can turn into a rippling of black cloak with Ofanite resonance, and he'll probably catch up with any normal Ofanite, but Gabriel and Janus just go VOOM beyond that.

On the other hand, he'd keep up with Eli using Ofanite resonance -- if he could find him...

(He might have problems keeping up with Jean, though -- if there are any conductive materials around. *zot* )

<Superior Soap Opera mention>

So, for various reasons, Lilith is in Japan, looking for an Outcast, and (luckath'dice) Dominic shows up, and they're doing a little round of "What are you doing here?" "How much do you want to know?" at each other, when the disturbance echoes show up. Bamf, bamf, Celestial Motion to get closer, and they show up virtually at the same moment nearby. Lilith, who is dressed in a schoolgirl vessel and fuku in the spirit of the locale, does an anime (Corporeal Motion assisted) bounce off the wall of the alley. Dominic does a ripple of black cloak along the ground. In the spirit of dramatic tension, she catches up before he bamfs off with the Outcast they were both after. But I really liked the image. If only I could animate...



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