Trick-Or-Treat In Hell

By Cameron McCurry


Just about everyone can agree that Hell is simply not a nice place to be. It serves as a final home for the damned who are subjected to tortures of such a degree that remind them that they deserve to be here.

The idea of "fun" is something that is foreign here. Amongst the damned souls, fun translates into "any blessed second where I am not feeling this horrid torment." With demons, fun means "anything I can get away with that I like to do."

But Princess Iolanthe's idea of fun is closer to human ideas. And with her wonderful TV that can watch the world, she has learned about Halloween. The whole idea of going from house to house all dressed up was wonderful in itself. And people give you CANDY?!?

Needless to say, she latched onto this idea and thinks that she should go trick or treating.

Needless to say, the collected Demon Princes and Princesses gently but quite firmly told her that this was out of the question. Trick or Treat just doesn't happen here.

Needless to say, the anguished wail of the Princess of Cute was so great that even the damned souls looked up and felt sorrow and pity for whoever made that noise.

Needless to say, Halloween is coming to Hell.

Decorations are up, Principalities are being done up in black and orange and everyone is getting into costume. Iolanthe dressed up as a fairy princess (With a lot of help from a fairy princess that lives in Hell) and the grumbling Demon Princess of Nitpicking is along for protection.

To everyone's surprise, Saminga is getting into the spirit of things and is providing Zombies and Skeletons for those who want them. And Andraelphus, after reading up on the Erotic/Exotic Ball in San Francisco is now in full party mode.

Kronos is absent from all the festivities; his Hall is darkened and all the lights are out. Kobal has an economy sized package of toilet paper and eggs to help the dour Prince of Fate enjoy the moment though.

And somewhere in the midst of all this, Lucifer himself seems to be enjoying the moment. But in the back of his mind is a very disturbing thought.

Christmas is around the corner and Iolanthe is going to learn about it as well.


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