By James Walker


Remnants of Stone are particularly hard to find - any rock, statue or gargoyle could be a soul-killed Trog. Still, no one is terribly surprised that Baal was able to find one. What does surprise people is that he was able to find a silicon based life form.

What they should remember is that before the Fall, Heaven was very open and candid about what was going on. So the fact that an alien planet had a form of pond scum which was silicon based was open knowledge - although not many angels cared. And, of course, using the Celestial Song of Fruition on the scum & a Remnant of Stone....

Forget that. What they should remember is that if there is a Troll in town, it's time to leave fast.

Trolls - big, tough, slow, stupid. Trolls cannot have Ethereal Forces, and their Agility cannot exceed their Corporeal Forces; they have a maximum strength of 12. Their bodies function as stone Vessels, and can have up to 6 levels of Toughness. Trolls cannot be Enchanters, Alchemists, Necromancers, Dream Soldiers or Sorcerers (due to their lack of Ethereal Forces), but can be Soldiers; the Blessed advantage is very common among them, possibly because of their Celestial heritage. They do not need to breathe, but react badly to sunlight; every Troll has Vulnerability(Sunlight) at a level equal to their Celestial Forces [they get character points for this] and becomes immobile when in direct sunlight (or other strong UV light). A starting Troll may buy up to 3 points of Intelligence and/or Precision at 3 points a level. A Troll must eat at least (Total Forces) kilograms of organic material containing metal (blood, meat, bone etc) every day or it begins to starve - they gain no nourishment from non-metallic compounds, even if silicon based. They are otherwise treated as human.

Trolls are Baal's favourite shock troops, and he treats them much better than he does his other Hellsworn. Their ability to drive other broken races into battle and to go toe to toe with angels means that they fill an NCO niche between Demonic Officers and mortal grunts. A troll who has killed an angels' vessel will often be rewarded with a Servitor Attunement, and Baal doesn't mind if a Troll learns Songs; they lack the intelligence to rebel or question orders. Trolls do have dreamscapes, and can learn the Lucid dreaming skill; rarely, Trolls have become Dreamshades.

Still, a Troll is not born damned, and will occasionally fulfil it's Destiny. These Trolls tend to find Heaven uninteresting and travel up Jacob's Ladder soon after arriving.


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