The Warrior Nuns

By Rolland Therrien


The Calabite chuckled in a frightening matter as he slowly approached the children cowering the dark corner. Being a Servitor of Lust gave one such fine opportunities for rare fun, he thought.

"Don't even think about it, Demon!"

The Lusty suddenly turned towards the voice and saw, in another darkened corner, what appeared to be someone in a nun's habit, stepping slowly towards the light. The Demon scoffed. What was a Penguin doing here, in this abandoned wearhouse? If she was hoping to stop him, he'd have fun with her too.

...At least, that's what he was thinking until she stepped into the light, and he noticed the sword in her hand. ...And the body armor she was wearing mixed with the habit. ...And the Cybernetic Left Hand... The Demon suddenly recognized this Nun's description and went wide-eyed.

"...Oh crap."

Sister Shannon Masters, aka Warrior Nun Areala, simply smiled as she raised her sword, readying herself to rid the Earth of yet another Hellspawn. "Oh crap, indeed, Demon-Born."

The Calabite sooned learned two things: One, The Warrior Nun's reputation had not been exagerated: the Savage beating he'd recieved from her was truly worthy of a Malakite. And Second: You don't rape kids in Sister Areala's turf. Now he knew why.

The Warrior Nuns, when they got started, where one of Heaven's more controversial programs, especially in regards to the status of women in Medieval Europe. Nonetheless, the first thing Laurence insisted on doing the moment he was given his Archangelhood and Full command of Heaven's resources was to promote one of his lieutenants, the Malakite Angel Areala, whom he had personally fledged during the Purity Crusade, and gave her the resources to create the Holy Catholic Order of Warrior Nuns, which she would inspire and guide personally. The order continues to this day, and has gained enough of a strong reputation as a force of God's Wrath that nobody in Heaven really questions it's existance anymore.

...Or Areala's actual origins, either. But that's a story for another time.

The order of Warrior Nuns, as can be guessed, is an organisation of female demon hunters and holy soldiers, organised in service to the Catholic Church, to which it answers to. There is no attempt at concealing the order's nature or purpose; most people (including many highly placed church officials) believe the current order is an archaic, pointless and superstious ramnant of the Middle Ages, but no Pontiff has ever cleared the decision to dismantle it completly. But most people dismiss it as nothing more then the Catholic equivalent of a kung-fu academy.

...Of course, the public doesn't usually know that the Warrior Nun Organisation (and it's brother organisation, the Order of Magic Priests) gets a defense budget equal to that of the Pentagon's own... Only with much better products as a result (it helps, having Marc pick the accountants and Jean the Engineers). The Warrior Nuns, although traditionally equipped with Holy Swords, can all access the finest heavy artillery and high-tech vehicules the Vatican can provide them, should it be needed.

The Warrior Nuns themselves are almost ALL Soldiers of God, selected amongst the finest youth, and given intensive training and tests intended to awaken their Sixth Force, making them true Soldiers. They are taught the Songs of Healing and are given special Holy Swords which can slay demons, but pass harmlessly through humans. These Swords are, however, equipped with a variation of the Song of Etheral Entropy designed by Laurence himself, which is triggered when the sword passes through a Sinful Human; the Sword triggers a vision of Hell inside the Human's mind, sending him into shock.

Of all the Warrior Nuns, the most famous of them all is Sister Areala, the original founder of the order, who renamed herself after the vision of a Holy Angel called Areala granted her the strength to fight against Viking Raiders during the Middle Ages. Since then, every few decades, a new Sister Areala comes along, whenever a Sister of the order has a vision of Areala the Angel during a near-death experience.

The most recent Warrior Nun Areala, Sister Shannon Masters, has since become an examplary member of the Warrior Nuns, and has championned many assaults against the Forces of Hell on her own. It's gotten to the point where the Demons are suspecting her of being the Malakite Areala herself, in a good Role.

She isn't, actually. Sister Shannon is as Human a Soldier as they come. She just has Seven Forces, rather then six. Areala just serves as her Patron, subconsciously teaching her Songs and secretly giving her Attunements, such as Hunt and Holy Blade. But neither one resents the mistaken identity too much; Heaven knows it's own, and it makes the Demons really confused about who or what they're facing.

Besides... Shannon really feels blessed, when people consider her equal to a Malakite.


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