The Heavenly School of Human Languages

By John Dallman (


Angels who are assigned to earthly duties need to learn the language. Some Archangels have in-house teachers for commonly used languages, but when an angel needs a rare language, or wants to sharpen his skill, he goes to Yves' school.

The Heavenly School of Human Languages is in the hands of Enoch, the Mercurian Scholar of Human Languages. His servitors are charged with maintaining their knowledge of languages as they evolve, preserving dialects and languages as they pass out of use, and passing on their knowledge to all who need it. There are a surprisingly large number of human souls teaching in the School, since they, who have /lived/ in a language, are felt to understand it in ways that are difficult for Angels.

In heaven, the school is situated "behind" Yves' Library. While its own texts and records serve for many purposes, it's often necessary to search the Library for examples of language and its development. Randolf, the Seraph Angel of Dictionaries, frequently provides aid to the school, and seeks its help almost as often.

If different languages and their acquisition become important to a campaign, use the GURPS rules for learning them, and so on, via G:IN.


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