LIL: Andrealphus, Lilithian Prince of Lust

By Eric Burns


(Please note -- on these writeups, only actual changes to a Prince's writeup will be listed unless there is a significant change -- such as reWording -- which will list page number references for the reader's convenience. Please refer to In Nomine's core rules for Andrealphus's mechanics, attunements and standard rites, as adapted below.)

The world is there to be used, to be taken, to be enjoyed, and then to be ignored. It is the way of things.

My Dark Lady proved me right. She clutched me closer than any Geas and showed me glories that I can never posses -- I can merely hunger for them, hunger to slacken my desires and release my passions upon them. My Dark Lady forced me to see, and I love her for it. Love her as totally and completely as any sentient loves another. And she hates me for my love and punishes me for my devotion, and I accept it, because I love her and I will always serve her.

Since the Fall I have known that love is weak. Love is false. Love is a lie. I have avoided love since that day, kept it at bay with pure, honest sensuality. But now that is torn away, and I am pierced through with the spike of love for my Dark Lady. I hurt and yearn and beg and serve my Dark Lady, who uses to satisfy herself -- her lusts, her desires, her plans, her goals, her world. My Servitors -- who revere and trust me -- I throw into the blades of Malakim at her whim. She uses me, and then she casts me aside until she wants to use me again. I am the tool of her lusts. Her lust for power. Her lust for the world. And her lust for the passions of humanity. My love makes me powerless to do anything but obey her.

Such is the nature of love. Such is the nature of Lust. Such am I, and so are you.

Andrealphus and Lilith had always been lovers and allies. With the death of Lucifer, Andrealphus had been worried about Lilith's apparent disappearance. (He had even thought for one terrible moment that Lilith had never existed -- that she had grown old and died as a human, but Lucifer's power as a Balseraph was such that he could lie to the Symphony and create Lilith the Princess of Hell out of nothingness. That, of course, was wrong.) With Lilith and Valefor gone, two of Andrealphus's strongest supporters were gone, leaving the Prince of Lust to bolster his Word with only Nybbas strongly supporting his efforts.

All of that changed when he felt the Geases clutch around his heart. The thousand chains held from favors over thousands of years. They combined into a call... a yearning... a lust to go to Lilith. When he arrived, Lilith offered her strongest supporter a place of honor with her new Princes. Andrealphus agreed, but tentatively -- trying to jockey for power.

Lilith had none of that, and proved once and for all that the Princess of Freedom was dead when she grabbed Andrealphus up into her embrace. Over the next many hours (days? weeks? Who can tell in Celestial time?) Andrealphus was exposed to sights, sounds and touches that maddened him with lust, horror and glory. In the end, he was hopelessly in love with the Queen, and Lilith forged that love into chains.

Andrealphus always wears an iron collar and iron bracers now, often set with chains (clearly too flimsy to really hold them... clearly). He bows his head. He is often led leashed by Lilith as she walks through her domains -- she clearly doesn't care if she humiliates him or not. But Andrealphus cares -- her callousness towards his utter devotion is a hot, festering sore, and he desperately tries to evoke feelings from her in return by doing whatever -- whatever -- she says.

In day to day dealings with Andrealphus, his Servitors can see the difference. Still, his dealings with them haven't changed much. He is, if anything, more demanding and passionate now, desperate to find surcease for his wounded heart in the arms of any twelve of his Servitors. And his hatred of love has only gotten worse. He knows how painful it is, now. He lives that pain -- the pain of the lie that is love. And that fuels him to wipe it from the face of the Earth in a mass of sweaty, hungry, passionate distractions, until all that remains is stimulus and response, desire and gratification.

Same as it ever was....

Andrealphus's Servitors have the Dissonance Conditions, Attunements, Basic Rites, Chance of Invocation and Invocation Modifiers listed in In Nomine, pp. 158-9. Note that as of this time, Andrealphus's Servitors may purchase Beleth's Dream Walking attunement (IN p.165). Andrealphus doesn't give the attunement directly, but Lilith has instructed the Princess of Horror to grant the attunement to certain Servitors Andrealphus designates.


Relations with Luciferian Princes are as per IN p.159, save that each is worsened by one step. For example, Nybbas was an Ally before Lucifer's death. He is now Associated with Andrealphus. Enemies, who can get no worse in ranking, become somehow even more intensely loathed. (Andrealphus would consider the destruction of Saminga an active goal at this point, and likely has committed resources to such.)

Lilithian Prince Relations

(Note that Hostility between the Lilithian Princes is considered secondary to the Lilithian goal of fully taking over Hell and repelling Heaven.)

No one would dare seriously hurt Lilith's little toy, but respect for the Prince of Lust isn't high among the Lilithian Princes. Andrealphus couldn't care less about how well respected he is. He has instructed his Servitors to help Rebekah as much as possible, given Rebekah's role as the Chamberlain of Hell (and therefore her favor from Andrealphus's beloved Lilith). Andrealphus also appreciates Alaemon's presence among the Lilithian Seven -- two Impudites can understand each other, and Alaemon's paranoia keeps him from mocking Andrealphus's captivity. On the other hand, Andrealphus can't stand Beleth and her constant destruction of the right conditions for lust to live -- and the two Princes are further tested by Lilith's command that both work to repel the Heavenly assault on the Nightmare side of the Marches, and the standing order for Beleth to grant her Dream Walking attunement to Andrealphus's Servitors as he sees fit. And the Impudite in Andrealphus can't stand Furfur's driving need to destroy humanity instead of using it.

Allied: Rebekah (No one considers themselves allied to Andrealphus)
Associated: Alaemon (Alaemon and Rebekah are associated with Andrealphus)
Hostile: Beleth, Furfur (Beleth and Furfur are hostile to Andrealphus)


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