I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

By Benjamin Acosta


It's that time of year again. The time when the stars come out. The time when all eyes are focused on one stage. The time when some of the most prestigious status symbols in the Symphony are given out. No, I'm not talking about the Oscars. I'm talking about the Lucy's, one of the most famous and coveted awards in Hell.

The Lucy's are given out by the Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, whose members consist of the most important and influential players of the Media. Unlike most awards of the Media, having won a Lucy actually means something to demons of other Words. They are, after all, given out by the movers and shakers of the Media, which means any winner has won the favor or at least the notice of many powerful and highly ranked demons. Just to be nominated is considered a sign you're going places.

The Lucy's are small golden statuettes of Lucifer awarded to demons for excellence in various categories. They are indestructible and summonable. Other than that, they have no special powers or abilities. Not that they need any. The prestige value alone makes them highly desirable. Every year a number of them are awarded to recognize excellence in various categories. To insure fairness (or at least unbiased unfairness) the results of the Academy vote is tabulated by the accounting division of The Game in their spare time. Some of the more prestigious categories include Best Overall Production, Best Male Role, Best Recritment of a Soldier, Best Recruitment of an Angel, Best Defeat of Heavenly Opposition, Best Adaptation of Ethereal Source Material, Best New Talent, and Best Production of Another Word.

Adventure Ideas:

* The Lucy's are a prize that many would do anything for. And with the nominees being demons, anything means anything. Every nominee is going to sway the voters anyway they can, from offering bribes and doing favors for various Academy members to setting their opponents up to look bad. Demonic PC's could be recruited for such operations while those of any type could be caught in the crossfire of such efforts.

* The Awards Ceremony is a gala event which requires a lot of work and effort to pull off. Guess who gets shanghied to do some of the work. Yup, you guessed right, the PC's. From rounding up entertainment to helping put together security arrangments, the PC's are in the thick of things this year. They'l have a number of interesting things to deal with, such as demons trying to crash the proceedings, Theft Servitors who wish to steal the Lucy's, paranoid djinn of The Game guarding the envelopes, Dark Humor demons wanting to play attention getting pranks, and of course, the egos of the various presenters, performers, and nominees of The Media. It's almost enough to make one quit show business.

* The parties after the Awards are as big a deal as the Lucy's themselves. Various important demons will try to get movers and shakers to attend their party. PC's could get roped into attempts to get a particular high ranking demon to go to a certain party. Or sabatoge someone's party to make them look bad in front of the VIP's. They could try to crash one of the parties themselves, for a chance to hobnob with the beautiful demons and make some contacts. And of course, every party will need caterers, security, servers, and other support staff, who would have to deal with other demons trying all of the above.

* Calamity of calamities! One of the favorite nominees for Best Overall Production has gone missing, and his Heart has been found broken. If he was eliminated by the competion, there wouldn't be a problem, but some in the Academy suspect that he might actually have gone Renegade in order to seek Redemption. If he's exposed doing so, it would be a major embarasment for the Academy. And if he actually publicly succeeded, it would be an even worse one. It's the job of the PC's to find the nominee and bring him back to attend the Ceremony before The Game catches him or he actually redeems. If they can't bring him back, they at least have to quash any evidence of his defection, convince him to not go public, and make everyone else think he was killed. This is one news story the Media does not want covered.


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