The Quest For Genesis

By James Walker


It occurs to most Necromancers sooner or later.

Lilith is real.

Therefore, Adam and Eve were probably real.

15 Force humans.

10 Force zombis. Mmmmm....

Of course, you can't really zombify a skeleton, so they can't do anything about it until they're capable of Sotto Voce performances of CorpHealing. The handful who can do this all go searching for the corpses of Adam and Eve eventually.

The usual way of doing this is to head to the Middle East, dig up the oldest body they can find, heal it, zombify it, and question it. Depending on who they question and which tales they hear, they can end up heading to Bahrain, Africa, Ararat, or the Black Sea. It rarely occurs to the Necromancers that being reduced to a skeleton and then rebuilt isn't good for a zombi's memory.

Nowadays, the most common destination is the Black Sea. With the discovery of villages at the bottom of the Sea, it's nearness to Mt Ararat, and the preservation of organic material on the seabed, it's a tempting target; while the anaerobic nature of the sea means that Jordi's Seraphim can't swim in and eliminate the threat.

And it's getting crowded down there. In addition to Saminga's Shedim and Mummies, Vapula's Reanimators have joined the hunt; his Shedim have their computers control submersible robots and join the search. Pitched battles between the zombis of the opposing sides have occurred over several of the tells along the old banks of the Danube.

And they think that they're getting close. The percentage of zombis with more than six Forces is steadily rising; they're still rare, but they're frequent enough to make their creators suspect that they've got fairly close descendants of Adam and Eve. Seven, eight, even nine Force zombis are appearing.

Of course, Heaven isn't ignoring this. Jordi's Seraphim circle in the upper waters, and dive towards the seabed, picking of the occasional zombi before climbing for oxygen. Realising that this wouldn't be sufficient, Jordi asked David for help. Secure in their stone Vessels, David's Servitors have encamped on several tells, and repelled all attempts to dislodge them. Further, moving through the rock they have begun moving corpses to more secure gravesites. On a general principle of thwarting Technology whenever possible, Jean has assigned a number of his Kyriotates to the Black Sea, and they challenge their Vapulan opponents to deadly submarine duels.

And while this is going on, Lilith sits back and smiles, waiting....


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