Suggestions on Vessels

By John Dallman


Some suggestions about what you can and can't tell from examining a vessel thoroughly, amplifying canon a little:

Anatomically and biochemically, they're human (or animal, or whatever). They have fingerprints, blood types, DNA and so forth; a Superior making a vessel can make it appear to be a plausible child of two specified individuals if that's required. Specific allergies, vulnerability to specific diseases or cancers, etc, are also easy if you ask for them at creation time. You might be able to wangle a points discount from some GMs for that sort of vessel disadvantage, but I wouldn't give it, since you're only taking it for some smart trick.

Someone who doesn't eat, drink, sleep or use toilets can be readily spotted under surveillance, making it a good idea to keep up with these details if you're in a role. A vessel that's never been used for eating, drinking, and so on will betray this in a post-mortem, to the great confusion of the medical examiner. A vessel that's had very little use may have a lack of scars from everyday minor injuries, antibodies to the current strain of the common cold, and so on; this usually only shows up when someone is looking for it.

Celestials in vessels usually have a lot more hit points than humans, and this could show up: "A .45 through the lungs leaves most people lying down - he didn't appear to enjoy it, but he kept going". Going to the ER with injuries is generally a dumb move, even if you have a non-criminal explanation for them.

A vessel's appearance can be tweaked by a Superior; this is quicker and cheaper than making a new one, but may lead to some inconsistencies "She looks like she's from Indochina, but that blood type is almost unknown there - it would make more sense for an Indian".

An existing vessel can be transferred between two celestials by a Superior. This happens when a role has been prepared by a reliever living through it for years, or different celestial is needed to occupy a role, and the briefing can be done sufficiently thoroughly.


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