Deuteronomy, Seraph of Judgment IST The Sword, Angel of Canon

By Charles E. Smith


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 12
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 8
Perception: 12

Suggested Word-Forces: 13

Skills: Fast-talk/4, Emote/6, Knowledge (History/6, Canon Law-Catholic Church/5), Languages (English, French, Italian, Latin/5), Savoir-Faire/4.

Songs: Location (Celestial, Corporeal)/4, Motion (Celestial)/4, Empathy (Ethereal)/5, Forbidding (all)/6, Entropy (Ethereal, Celestial)/4, Harmony (Ethereal)/6.

Attunements: Seraph of Judgment, Elohite of Judgment, Mercurian of Judgment, Malakite of Judgment, Incarnate Law, Advocate, Divine Mediation, Angel of Canon

Angel of Canon: Deuteronomy can sense the most egregious violation of established canon in a range of miles equal to his Perception.

Deuteronomy is a very harried angel, these days. Originally, he served as an assistant to Dominic back when he was still simply Dominic, not the Archangel of Judgment. His job was to help ensure that the laws created for humanity were both True, and worthy of being accepted as True. It was easy for him to claim the Word of Canon for his stalwart defense of established law and custom, for in those times it was easier to prove worthy of a Word.

When the first civilizations appeared, Deuteronomy was one of the first angels of Judgement to go corporeal, helping in the development of law and order. His stern declamations of what was proper were truly impressive, especially in his favorite vessel: a bearded old patriarch with a forbidding demeanor. For eons, Deuteronomy has worked as a solid force of propriety, order, and law, working to uphold established custom and law as the only proper measurement of a society's worth. Always, he has served as a staunch defender of the status quo. When the Catholic Church came along, Deuteronomy was assigned -- by Dominic's direct order -- to work with Uriel and help defend and uphold the growing church. The Angel of Canon spent a good deal of time in Uriel's Castle, but has never offered any statements on the Purity Crusade. After Uriel's removal and Laurence's ascension, Deuteronomy continued his duties under the Archangel of the Sword.

Deuteronomy's stuffy dictation, typical appearance as either a mini-version of Dominic or a righteous old priest, and his reputation for being one of the stiffest Poker-spines in Heaven has made him a target for several enterprising angels of the Wind. In particular, a band of Windies, led by the Ofanite Moe and the Cherub Beth, have of late taken to posting "Kick Me" signs on Deuteronomy's back. Savage gangs of Windies (and the odd opportunistic Gabrielite), have descended on the Angel of Canon from random dark alleys and begun kicking and beating him savagely. Complaints to Dominic and Janus have gone unheeded. Deuteronomy was last seen trying to skulk away into the shadows of the Council Spires. His Destiny... or perhaps Fate... is unknown, but one thing is clear: the Windies are restless.


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