Elohite of War
Friend of Valor (Valor), Master of Valor (War)

By Manny Mepumecino


Corporeal Forces: 5   Strength: 10   Agility: 10
Ethereal Forces: 5   Intelligence: 12   Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5   Will: 10   Perception: 10
Word-Forces: N/A

Skills: Fighting (various styles)/6, Small Weapon (knife)/4, Large Weapon (axe)/6, Large Weapon (sword)/6, Languages (English/4, German/2, Japanese/3)*****

Songs: Blades (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/4), Tongues (Corporeal/1, Etheral/2, Celestial/1), Attraction (Corporeal/4), Light (Ethereal/1, Celestial/4), Shields (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3, Celestial/5)

Attunements: Seraph of War, Elohite of War, Elohite of Valor*, Call to Arms**, One to One, Hunt (from Laurence), Vassal of War, Friend of the Fighters, Master of Valor, Vassal of Valor***, Friend of the Brave****

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: Human male (Asian male)/4, Charisma 1, Human female (Caucasian female)/3

Roles: None known

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

* Elohite of Valor: same as Baal's Habbalite of the War attunement.

** Call to Arms: By spending 3 Essence, Haniel can make his teammates more alert. Human allies will lose all fatigue (and will not gain any until the end of the battle.) Sleeping allies awaken in time for combat. Stunned and unconscious allies come out of their stupor. This attunement, unfortunately, cannot bring a celestial out of Trauma prematurely. The attunement has a range of 10 yards in all directions.

*** Vassal of Valor: When faced with multiple opponents, Haniel gains an extra attack for each opponent he faces beyond the first. Beyond three opponents, however, each attack is at -1 Accuracy. He cannot attack more than five times in a round. This only works for opponents he engages in hand-to-hand or unarmed combat.

**** Friend of the Brave: As a Friend of Valor, Haniel's vessels are toughened and can withstand more damage. Each of his vessels have 1.5 x regular body hits.

***** Haniel has learned and used a number of human languages through the years. These are but a few of the modern languages he is known to use. He also knows a great many more skills than these, but is rarely called upon to exercise them.

Haniel is an ancient Elohite, one of the first and most famous of that Choir. Like Khalid, Archangel of Faith, Haniel is perceived as, paradoxically, both cold-blooded and serene. For an Elohite, he's popular among the Servitors of War, and is very, very well liked by Servitors of the Sword. Truth be told, he's one of the few members of the Order of the Eternal Sword who doesn't serve Laurence -- although rumor has it that the Archangel of the Sword would like to find a way to recruit him from Michael's ranks.

Baal created him millennia ago and assigned him to work with humans -- to teach them to fend for themselves in a world they were only beginning to master. Unfortunately, Haniel discovered that there was more to his work than mere teaching. The mind of prehistoric man was filled with fantastic horrors, inadvertently spawning the same beasts in the Marches, and some of these horrors had learned to walk the earth. Haniel became a demon hunter in a time before demons, slaying creatures that were the predecessors of today's ethereal gods, and rose in rank and honor to become one of Baal's finest warriors.

When Baal rebelled against Heaven, Haniel felt a divine fury rise within him. He denied the anger, refusing the lure of the dark wings...and learned, for the first time, what it meant to become dissonant. He has never become dissonant since.

He fought long and hard against his brothers, many of whom had joined Baal in rebelling against God. Twice in the battle he found himself fighting alongside the Firstborn, Michael, who smiled grimly upon him and his bloody work. When the last of the Fallen had been ushered out of Heaven, the new Archangel of War sought out Haniel and offered him a place in his ranks.

The Elohite accepted without hesitation.

In recent years, Haniel has been spending more and more time in the Groves, teaching other warriors to fight. He has a special hatred of Baal and demons of the War, although he (apparently) does not suffer dissonance for it. From time to time, his responsibilities as a member of the Order of the Eternal Sword demand his attention...but then he returns to Heaven fairly quickly. Unlike a lot of Swordies, after all, he has no compunctions about fighting dirty... and while he may not be Word-bound, his very name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most demons.

(Haniel is identified in the APG as a warrior Elohite who distinguished himself during the Fall. His attunements and Distinctions from Valor are conjectural. He is not a point-balanced character.)


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